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WP engine is a web hosting company that provides their customers with a variety of different types and packages of web hosting. But what sets them apart from their competitors is that just like their name suggests, they are entirely focused on WordPress based websites.

What’s the story?

But before we dive deeper into what makes WP Engine special, let’s talk about their history first.

WP Engine was founded in 2010, by their CEO Jason Cohen. In just one year, they managed to make 1 million dollars, making their mark on the web hosting industry. For them, that was their way of telling the industry that WP Engine is here to stay. Since then, WP Engine has only grown bigger and bigger. Now, WP Engine is one of the biggest web hosts in the industry with more than 120,000 customers from over 140 countries.

What Sets WP Engine Apart From The Others

Okay so now, let’s have a look at what sets WP Engine apart from their competitors.

When we talk about WP Engine, the first thing we have to mention is just how unique their hosting model is. As we’ve mentioned earlier, their focus is entirely on the WordPress platform. In fact, WP Engine only accepts customers who uses WordPress for their websites.

Although some might think this is a very limited way of conducting business, it’s not. WordPress is one of the most popular website building platforms in the world, used by beginners and website developers alike. So by focusing on WordPress, WP Engine is ensuring that they will be able to give you the best service that they can.

And according to other various reviews, that’s exactly what WP Engine gives you. The best service possible. Reviews are beaming about this hosts, so we decided to have a look for ourself what the hype is all about, and try it ourself.

In order to do this, we set up a basic WordPress website and tried out their website for a few months.

How did they do? Are they good enough to be considered as one of the best hosting service provider in Malaysia? Let’s have a look.

Pros Of WP Engine

So as with our other reviews, let’s start our WP Engine review by looking at their pros.

And to no surprise of us, there is a lot to like with WP Engine, and the service they provide.

Here’s a complete list;

1. Amazingly Reliable Uptime

In WP Engine’s website, you can see that one of the things they guarantee for their customers is an amazing 99.99% uptime for all their websites. But do they deliver? That’s what we’re going to explore today.

And with great delight we would like to say that in our four months of testing WP Engine, they have delivered on their claims. We experienced an average of 99.99% uptime in these past four months, which is very good, even by the lofty standards set by other great hosting service providers.

Here’s our uptime average for the past 4 months;

March 2020 : 100%

April 2020 : 99.99%

May 2020 : 100%

June 2020 : 100%

We’re going to update this review over time as we gain more data, but if they manage to keep this up, there will be no surprise on why WP Engine is so highly rated by their users.

2. Optimized Entirely For WordPress Users

When compared to the other web hosting companies,  it’s quite clear that WP Engine has everyone beat when it comes to this category.

Thanks to their focus on the WordPress platform, they managed to make their web hosting service optimized purely for the platform.

WP Engine review Malaysia

The WP engine dashboard is very optimized, streamlined, and easy for WordPress users.

With WP Engine, you will be receiving a fully-managed platform for your website. On their control panel, you will have the option to install plugins, themes, and many more that are usually associated with WordPress.

But they do this in a much more streamlined way that even a total newbie in website developing can navigate their way through without much worry. In fact, other than their sign up process, there’s little, if not none that needs setting up.

If you’re looking for a simple and streamlined managed hosting process, then you can’t go wrong with WP Engine. 

3. Great Threat Detection And SSL Security Certificates

If we’re talking about the absolute best thing about WP Engine, it has to be the security it offers to their users.

Not only they ensure that your website is as safe as one can be, they also guarantee unlimited cleaning up if your website does get hacked. They are able to offer this thanks to their partnership with Sucuri. Sucuri is a website security service, and a damn good one at that.

With Sucuri’s help, WP Engine is able to protect your site from DDOS attacks, malware, hackers, and blacklists. This is added value for WP Engine customers, cause you will get to enjoy Sucuri’s services for free, which usually costs starting from $16.99/mo (RM72.80/mo).

On top of these services, WP Engine also offers free SSL certification for all the websites hosted by them. Why is this important? Simple, because it means that you can provide a guarantee for your website’s visitors.

With SSL certification and encryption, your customers can be assured that their sensitive information will not get leaked.

Along with the added peace of mind this will offer your visitors, this is also very good for SEO. Google places a great deal of importance on SSL certificates, and in fact 90% of all browsing on the internet happens on an SSL encrypted website. With WP Engine, your website can be part of the 90% too.

4. Daily Backups

Ask any website owner what is their worst nightmare, and they will say losing everything on their website without any backups.

Thankfully, with WP Engine you won’t have to worry about something like this happening. WP Engine runs daily backups on all websites on their platforms, which means that you will always have a backup of your website in case things go bad.

And the best part about it is that WP Engine backs up your website daily! So even if your website goes haywire or on the fritz, you can reroll it to a version from one day ago, so it won’t be too outdated.

5. Good Load Times

What is the biggest bane to every website user that in actuality is very easy to fix? Website load speed. Let’s face it, no one likes browsing through a slow website. In today’s modern era, everything needs to be fast, and quick.

Which is why one of the things you should definitely check out before deciding on the host is just how fast are the load times for the websites on their platform.

And thankfully, WP Engine performs admirably in this regard. In the 4 months of us trying WP Engine, we achieved great load times with them.

Here are our average load times for each month with WP Engine;

March 2020 : 438ms

April 2020 : 403ms

May 2020 : 420ms

June 2020 : 485ms

All this means that on average, our load time is 436ms, which is great! Not the fastest in the business by all means, but still very fast.

6. Free Website Transfer

Everyone knows that a website transfer is a very cumbersome task. It is such a hassle for someone to transfer their website from one host to another host.

And it can be costly as well. Some hosts even require a separate fee to be paid if you want to transfer a website from one host to their platform.

But not WP Engine. WP Engine will transfer your website to their servers with their custom WordPress plugin, which makes everything easy. And the best part is, it’s free.

One thing to take note is that it is a manual transfer, which means that you will have to do the transfer yourself. But, WP Engine does make the process a whole lot easier for you by offering a 24/7 support help if you need it.

7. 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Even after doing all your research and reading every reviews out there, nothing beats actually trying out the website hosting provider for yourself.

Which is why a money back guarantee is always welcome. With a money back guarantee, you can try out a website for a certain amount of time with the knowledge that if you don’t like this host, you can just change your host and get your money back.

WP Engine offers this, and more. Other hosting service providers usually provides a 30 days money back guarantee. But WP Engine doubles this with their 60 days money back guarantee. This ensures that you can get a feel of how WP Engine services, before deciding to commit with them or not.

8. Great Customer Service/Support

Recently, some of our readers asked us, what are the pros that we rank higher than the rest when it comes to selecting a website hosting provider.

Well, for that question, yes certainly there are some standouts such as hosting speed, website stability, and more. But if we have to choose one that is the most important, we’ll say customer service/support.

Let’s face it. If your host is slow, or unstable, you can work through that. But when your host’s customer service are terrible, you cannot work through that. There are no alternatives.

Thankfully, WP Engine offers a great customer service/support service. They are responsive, helpful, and pleasant to talk to.

WP Engine review malaysia

WP Engine’s 24/7 live chat is responsive, helpful, and is a welcome addition to an already great hosting service.

The best part is? WP Engine offers our favorite type of customer service/support, which is 24/7 live chat.

Cons of WP Engine

Now in this next part of our WP Engine review, we’re going to discuss their shortcomings.

So here are the things that might be a problem for potential WP Engine users.

1. Really Expensive 

Let’s face it. For beginner webmasters, budget is one of the biggest factors that is going to decide which host you’re using.

And if there’s one thing that is going to discourage you from using WP Engine, it’s going to be their price.

WP Engine review Malaysia

WP Engine is one of the most expensive hosting platforms we’ve reviewed.

WP Engine has got to be the most expensive web hosting service provider we’ve ever reviewed.

Here’s a simple comparison. The cheapest hosting service we’ve reviewed, Hostinger starts their price at $0.80/mo(RM3.31/mo). On the other hand, WP Engine starts their price at $25.00/mo(RM107.00/mo) for their Startup Plan.

To make it worse, that’s the pricing for an annual subscription. If you subscribe to the WP Engine Startup Plan monthly, it’s going to cost you $30.00/mo(RM128.40).

2. No Free Domains/Email Addresses

Compared to other hosting services, there is another thing that WP Engine lacks.

And that is their lack of free domains/email addresses. Most other hosting services offers free domains at signup, but not WP Engine.

In fact, WP Engine not only does not offer free domains/email addresses, they don’t have any options to buy from them. Which means that you will have to go through a third party service.

Hosting Plans, Pricing and Facts on WP Engine

Managed WordPress Hosting on WP Engine

Startup Plan
Cost: RM107.00/mo (RM128.40/mo if subscribed monthly)


• 10 GB local storage
• 1 domains
• 50GB bandwidth
• Free SSL certificates

Growth Plan
Cost: RM406.60/mo (RM492.20/mo if subscribed monthly)


• 20 GB local storage
• 10 domains
• 200GB bandwidth
• Free SSL Certificates

Scale Plan
Cost: RM1031.48/mo (RM1241.20/mo if subscribed monthly)


• 50GB local storage
• 30 Domains
• 500GB bandwidth
• Free SSL Certificates

Free Domain Yes.
Sign up Easy signup process.
Payment Methods All major payment methods such as VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, AmericanExpress, PayPal.
Hidden Fees and Clauses




Activation of Account

Instant activation.

Dashboard Experience and Control Panel

Streamlined dashboard for WordPress User, but no cPanel

Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc) installation

Genesis Framework, 35+ StudioPress Themes, Smart plugin manager, Evercache, and more.

Do we recommend WP Engine?

So here’s the bottom line of our WP Engine review. If you’ve been looking for a solid managed hosting service for your WordPress website, then WP Engine is the answer.

With it’s solid speed, great stability, and unmatched security, it’s a hard ask for you to find any better.

The only real problem with WP Engine is just how expensive it is, so if you can deal with that, then WP Engine is just the hosting service for you.

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