WebHostingPad is a web hosting firm that provides web hosting services for an extremely cheap price.

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What’s the story?

WebHostingPad was founded in 2005 by a group of successful and experienced individuals in pursuit of providing the best value in web hosting. The company went on in the pursuit to provide customers with the best web hosting at a affordable price.

They have made a commitment to continue “providing the best value in web hosting” with a secure, dependable and economical process to make a presence on the Internet.

What's so special about WebHostingPad?

One word to describe their specialty is ‘cheap.’

WebHostingPad is very cheap.

Only under $2 for their shared hosting.

However, is that good enough to survive in this industry and is that their only strong point?

So to know more about it, we bought WebHostingPad’s cheapest plan which was “Power Plan” 5 years ago and built a basic WordPress website.

We monitored their uptime and speed over the course of a few months to see their performance in statistics and we also did our own research to find out if WebHostingPad is a bargain for its cheap  prices or just a flaunt.

Let’s get started with this WebHostingPad review.

Pros of WebHostingPad

In this WebHostingPad review, we’ll find out that their pricing is not the only thing that leaves a lasting image to customers because they have some other good points as well, like…

1. Good Customer Service 

In this WebHostingPad review, we experienced their customer service personally and it is worth a mentioned here because it was quite decent.

It took about a minute after asking each questions to get a reply from their support staff and they connected instantly.

We’ve had experienced better customer support from our other reviews, but nevertheless, it was quite decent.

That was our own experience with their customer support. But there are some different reviews from others.

  • “My email to an address at verizon.net continues to bounce. I’ve filled out two support tickets, but no response. Why can’t I get this resolved?”
  • “Hi, can you please let us know what time the live technical support works please – as we tried it when the system said it was online – but then it decided you were offline after all – and told us to send an email message which has not yet been answered. Many thanks”
2. Remarkably Low-Priced

Based on our WebHostingPad review, their charm point is without a doubt their pricing.

It’s extremely cheap!

It’s definitely one of the cheapest plans you can find besides iPage’s Essential Plan.

There’s definitely a reason for their cheap pricing (which will be unveiled under the ‘cons’ review). But if you just want something cheap, then look no more.

3. Money Back Guaranteed 

In our WebHostingPad review, we found out that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee should you find that their services are unreliable.

Nevertheless, there’s a catch to it, where it only covers hosting purchases.

The guarantee does not apply to renewals, add-ons, site transfer fees, service charges, or domain name registrations or renewals, including free domain registrations as part of WebHostingPad’s FREE DOMAIN coupon offer.

4. Enhancements in Security 

Normally, additional features like security options are not available for the cheapest plans. But in the case of WebHostingPad, they provided Automated Malware Scanner and Malware Quarantine security for their WordPress hosting plans.

Based on our WebHostingPad review, this is a great addition considering that the plan is quite basic.

Cons of WebHostingPad

Now let’s see the not so charming points of WebHostingPad.

Even though, WebHostingPad started quite decently, by making a good impression on their cheap plans. Here’s the WebHostingPad review for the disadvantages of their services.

1. Slow Page Loading Time (Over the Past 24-months)

WebHostingPad has a page loading time of 1114ms over the past 24 months specifically from July 2018 to November 2018 which is just plain bad in today’s Internet age so HostRocket loses to other competitors like A Small Orange, HostGator and Bluehost.

However, it’s not all that bad as WebHostingPad has made slight improvements in terms of its speed results from February 2019 to January 2020 which resulted in an average speed of 724ms.

Therefore, this is a noticeable improvement from having loading times of over 1000. Nevertheless, their loading time is still not up to industry-standard.

Last 12 months average load times:

  • February 2019: 635ms
  • March 2019: 697ms
  • April 2019: 764ms
  • May 2019: 790ms
  • June 2019: 793ms
  • July 2019: 763ms
  • August 2019: 752ms
  • September 2019: 722ms
  • October 2019: 724ms
  • November 2019: 774ms
  • December 2019: 728ms
  • January 2020: 674ms
2. Below 98.38% Uptime Over Past 24-Months

The standard uptime in the industry is 99.94%. But WebHostingPad can’t seem to make it here.

They guarantee that their uptime is 99% for a period of 12-months but they were never able to achieve it.

Therefore, they were only able to provide an uptime of 98.38% over the past 24-months which is just below average.

After doing this WebHostingPad review, we found that this is one of the lowest uptime we’ve seen after reviewing so many web hosts.

Last 12-months average uptime:

  • February 2019: 99.92%
  • March 2019: 99.97%
  • April 2019: 99.89%
  • May 2019: 99.81%
  • June 2019: 99.77%
  • July 2019: 99.83%
  • August 2019: 99.81%
  • September 2019: 99.85%
  • October 2019: 99.87%
  • November 2019: 99.78%
  • December 2019: 99.85%
  • January 2020: 97.89%

From this WebHostingPad review their average uptime is just bad and mostly never reaches the standard industry uptime.

3. Not So “Free” Domain Registration 

WebHostingPad provides new account signups with a free domain name like any other web hosts.

But there are some terms and conditions before you get your free domain name.

  1. A “FREE DOMAIN” coupon is needed upon signing up to use their free domain name offer.
  2. If you use any other coupons it disqualifies you from getting a free domain name offer.
  3. You would have to fork out $14.95 (RM61.10) yearly just to renew your domain name. Nowadays, it cost less than $10 (RM40.89) to buy domain names on other websites.

Hence this extra expense won’t be able to sustain them in years to come.

4. High Restriction on Website Transfers

Similar to other web hosts, WebHostingPad will also assist you on transferring your current site to theirs for free.

But there’s a catch to it.

Transfer can only be done if the size is less than 2 GB which is the size of a pea in terms of the Internet size.

That’s their maximum size for account eligibility for free transfers.

This doesn’t include email addresses, FTP accounts, add-on domains or subdomains. So you would have to make new ones within their control panel.

Even though their pricing is cheap this restriction will make you think about it once more before moving your site to theirs.

5. High Restriction on Backup Option 

Here we go again with another “free” feature which is something other web hosts would give as complimentary to new users.

At first glance, a free backup option is great but we dug deeper and found out the fine print in their Terms of Service:

“WebHostingPad, at our sole discretion, will take weekly backups of customer’s accounts, up to and including 1GB of website files only. This backup does not include email addresses, email accounts, databases, or anything other than website files. Any account that is larger than 1GB will not be included in any automated backup service provided by WebHostingPad. In the event that a customer requires a backup to be restored, WebHostingPad may charge a one-time backup restoration service fee of $39.95.”

To make you understand better, we simplified it:

  • Manual backup option using cPanel is unavailable. To enable this payment is required.
  • A restoration fee of $39.95 (RM163.35) will be imposed should you require to restore your backup (That’s a lot of money just to back up!).
  • Backup is only websites and does not include emails or databases.
  • Backup cannot exceed 1 GB (tinier than a grain of rice) .
  • Backups only happens at “their sole discretion” (so backup happens when their in the mood?).

Overall, this backup offer is not at all appealing because they restrict your freedom to run an easy manual backup.

Hosting Plans, Pricing and Facts on WebHostingPad

Shared Hosting on WebHostingPad

Power Plan
Cost: RM8.14 per month


• Unlimited storage
• Unlimited email accounts
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Unlimited website tech support

Power Plan Plus
Cost: RM20.40 per month


• Unlimited storage
• Unlimited email accounts
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Unlimited website tech support

• Free SSL certificate
• Advanced Spam Filter
• SSH access

Free Domain No.
Sign up Very easy, one page signup process.
Payment Methods Credit Card, PayPal, Alipay, Bitcoin, Check, Money Order and Western Union.
Hidden Fees and Clauses

They may charge a $39.95 fee to restore your backups. Users should not exceed 150,000 total files.  If you reach the file limit, you can purchase an additional block of 150,000 files for $10 per month. If they notify you about reaching the file limit and you do not respond, they will automatically bill you $10 per month per extra 150,000 files. You are not allowed to use more than 10 percent CPU and memory, and your sessions must not exceed 10 minutes. There’s a limit of 300 emails per hour or 3,000 emails per day.



Activation of Account

Quick activation

Dashboard Experience and Control Panel

Uses cPanel

Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc) installation

Quick and easy installation of popular apps and CMSs with Softaculous.

Do we recommend WebHostingPad?

They have good customer support, really low prices, a ‘guarantee’ for your money and security options. But they are still lacking in some areas and here’s the reasoning.

Here’s why:

  • Slow loading times
  • Uptime not at industry-standard
  • No “free” domain registration
  • Restrictive website transfers
  • Restrictive backup options

All in all, WebHostingPad is still not up to par with the others in Malaysia because their pricing is their only selling point. But if you want to give a try we won’t stop you.

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