Providing web based services such as domain registration and web hosting.

The Story

Founded 19 years ago back in 2000, Namecheap is a company where they provide web-based services such as domain registration and web hosting. The company is based in Pheonix, Arizona and was founded by Richard Kirkendall.

For the last 19 years, they’ve managed to acquire 3 million customers. That is quite a handful so to speak.

Namecheap’s specialty in this industry is that they can serve you an amazing domain registration service. This is because they are managing over seven million domain names.

However, a number of reviews stated that there is a backfire in using Namecheap’s service.

With that being stated, head over to your local mamak and grab a teh o’ ais cause we are going deep in this review.

Pros Of Namecheap

Here is what we found:

1. Domain Names and Migration is Free.

If we’re going to talk about domain names, Namecheap dominates in that. If you decided to sign up for their hosting service, they’ll give you one for free.

Also, if you happen to have a website running somewhere in the back, they’ll happily migrate the service without any charges.

Well, not really. You’ll find more about this down below.

2. 30 Day Refund Assurance

If you want assurance regarding your money/refund, Namecheap provides an awesome service for that. You can try and figure out if Namecheap is right for you or not for a month. If not, you can just cancel their service and search for another web host alternative.

3. A Packed Value Plan

Right of the bat, Namecheap gives out unmetered bandwidth on their eye-catching plan which is the cheapest one. The cheapest plan also includes a free SSL certificate for the first year. Take note that you do have to pay once that year is over.

Moreover, should things go disorganized for you, fear not. They provide a backup service which is twice a week. So if you’re worried if things will go messy when setting up your site, rest assured as the backup service will be there for you.

The cherry on top, however, is that the cheapest plan gives you 50 MySQL databases. (that’s more than what most companies offer)

In addition to that, you’ll receive three websites on the cheapest plan. Normally, standard level hosting plans will only give you one website to host. This is an excellent deal if you have multiple websites that you’re managing.

They also give out a booming 50 email address for you to use. All in all, it’s a huge cost-saving deal.

4. Third-Party Reviews Are Amazing

Looking at the reviews by third party reviewers was eye pleasing to me. They have a strong 4.6-star rating on Shopper Reviewed. Allegedly, that’s based on a million views almost.

However, other sites claimed differently. They claimed to be unsatisfying and underwhelming, which brings me to provide you the cons of Namecheap.

Cons Of Namecheap

When considering a web host, one should look into these three areas:

Unfortunately, Namecheap fails at those areas.

1. Disappointing Uptime – 99.88%

If you do decide to sign up for Namecheap, you might find it satisfying for the first month but after that, you’ll find it disappointing.

Research shows that after the first month, the uptime dropped down below the industry’s average and ended up producing an uptime of only 99.876%. Its’ not that drastic as it sounds. Still, grasp the thought that this match to over an hour of downtime each month.

Also, if you’re handling a business site, you really should watch out for this. You could be looking into a drastic loss of revenues if the downtime were to happen during an overloaded sales season.

The month-to-month comparison is shown down below:

  • December 2017 average uptime: 99.83%
  • January 2018 average uptime: 99.85%
  • February 2018 average uptime: 99.78%
  • March 2018 average uptime: 99.94%
  • April 2018 average uptime: 99.94%
  • May 2018 average uptime: 99.94%
  • June 2018 average uptime: 99.89%
  • July 2018 average uptime: 99.84%
  • August 2018 average uptime: 99.80%
  • September 2018 average uptime: 99.95%

2. Sloth Level Load Time

The second most important criterion to consider after uptime is speed. This is crucial as it can impact visitor happiness and everyone wants things in an instant nowadays, especially Malaysians.

So if you want your site to survive, you need a fast load time because if it is slow, you might as well take your site down as it will only upset people.

Over the past ten months, Namecheap is only capable of juicing out an average page speed of 942ms. That is twice as slow as their competitors.

However, the bright side here is that they will slightly get faster from the data that I’ve required but it is still not enough to match those on top.

Here are the statistics:

Last 10-month average speed:

  • December 2017 average speed: 905ms
  • January 2018 average speed: 1,127ms
  • February 2018 average speed: 1,297ms
  • March 2018 average speed: 1,299ms
  • April 2018 average speed: 1,303ms
  • May 2018 average speed: 1,117ms
  • June 2018 average speed: 590ms
  • July 2018 average speed: 559ms
  • August 2018 average speed: 662ms
  • September 2018 average speed: 559ms
3. Unsatisfying Customer Support

So, why unsatisfying? Because of its misleading service. They have this thing called ‘concierge’ department which sounds super helpful and ‘premium’ and all but the service they give out is underwhelming. Someone went through it and instead of helping them through, they just copy-pasted a knowledge-based article and gave it to him.

So here’s a recap:

  • They will just blatantly send you a link a ask you to handle it yourself
  • You asked for a service, they will just give out an explanation of a process
  • It will take you multiple reps and 10 minutes of your life for a simple solution.

However, they do provide an excellent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section where you can find informed solutions for the most problems. Hopefully, this is helpful than the ‘concierge’ service.

Namecheap Pricing Details

Here is a look regarding the hosting plans that they offer:

Stellar Stellar Plus Business SSD
Cost: RM11.78 per month Cost: RM19.95 per month Cost: RM36.31 per month

  • 20 GB SSD-Accelerated Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Up to 3 Websites

  • Unmetered SSD-Accelerated Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Websites

  • 50 GB Pure SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Websites

Is Namecheap for you?

I won’t recommend Namecheap because they don’t deliver the three most important factors which I have stated above which is uptime, speed and support. Those factors play a major role in your site. There is also another web host alternative which is 5 times better than Namecheap. But if you want a cheap web host with a cheap quality then maybe you could reconsider.

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