MonsterMegs is a web hosting firm that provides shared, semi-dedicated and reseller hosting with domain services.

What’s the story?

MonsterMegs is hosting company based in Wisconsin, USA. They were established in 2010 and ever since then, they provided their customers all over the world with safe, dependable and cost-effective hosting services.

Their staff and management has over 14 years of experience in  the web hosting industry and in those years they take those experiences and makes sure that every one of their customers receive the best hosting services ever.

What's so special about MonsterMegs

Now, let’s see what speciality they bring to the table.

Firstly, the services they provide are aimed at small and medium enterprise to increase their online presence. This ranges from businesses to government agencies.

They also claimed that they can meet the needs of business and their ever changing demands in the I.T environment.

They do it by implementing and maintaining an effective and low-cost solution to do quick fixes for you.

Besides, MonsterMegs also prioritize their customer support. They aim to establish a long-term working relationship with all their customers.

Now, to find out about their services, we bought their cheapest shared hosting plan “Professional” and started a basic WordPress website.

Let’s start this MonsterMegs review and see if they have what it takes to be the top web hosting company in Malaysia.

Pros of MonsterMegs

In this MonsterMegs review, we’ll find out how they live up to customer’s expectations with their services and features.

We’ve looked at their uptime and customer etc and they seem great. But what if we dug deeper what would we find?

Enough said let’s start the MonsterMegs review.

1. Consistent Uptime 

The first thing you’ll notice about them is their consistent uptime. They are able to provide as such because of their investment in high quality server and software.

They also have a professional team of System Admin to manage the servers all the time.

Above all, MonsterMegs has a “99.9% Uptime Guarantee” which might be the reason why they’re able to have a uptime which is constant.

They assured customers that they will provide ” excess of 99.9% uptime, each and every month” and they were able to deliver it.

Their total average uptime is a about 99.99%.

Average uptime in different countries:

  • Canada: 100%
  • France: 100%
  • Germany: 100%
  • Singapore: 99.99%

Most of the time an uptime of 100% is seen with only one at 99%. Based on our MonsterMegs review, it’s quite a great sight to see compared to the other web hosts we reviewed.

Therefore, MonsterMegs could be one of the top web hosting companies in Malaysia if they keep up n their uptime.

2. Diverse Customer Support 

When compared to the other web hosting companies,  MonsterMegs is the only one that has a diverse customer support system.

They have 4 different support systems to assist you in your troubles.

  • Billing requests (from 0900 to 1700) –
  • Technical support – (24/7) –
  • Sales questions (from 0900 to 1700) –
  • Report abuse (from 0900 to 1700) –

So if have a specific problem you want to solve, just email to the related supports.

Next, not only do they have email supports but they also have ticketing support.

Their ticketing system has 2 departments for you to choose to submit the ticket.

  • Sales (questions related to signup, new services etc)
  • Abuse (report on abuse matters of hosted accounts – spam, hacking, DMCA requests)

The time that the ticketing system is available is from 9am to 5pm Central Standard Time (CST).

They guarantee a 2 hour response even during public holidays. Not the fastest, but it’s a ticketing system so it’s expected to be slow.

However, we submitted our ticket and got a response in less than an hour so it’s quite fast and within their 2 hour range.

They were able to provide assistance and solved our issue successfully.

Therefore, from our MonsterMegs review, their support system is quite capable and their customer service team are quite fast and knowledgeable to solve issues thrown at them.

3. 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed 

One good thing about trying out MonsterMegs is that they offer a no-strings-attached policy with them. MonsterMegs offer a 30 days money back guarantee, with no questions asked.

This means that you can try out their services and facilities for 30 days, and if you don’t like it, you can ask for a refund and they’ll give it to you, without any hassle.

5. Free Cloudflare CDN and Railgun

MonsterMegs prides themselves on making things as easy and convenient as it can be for you and the visitors of your website. This continues with their offer of free Cloudflare CDN and Railgun with their hosting services.

Cloudflare CDN’s is used to cache your website so that it can load faster for your visitors, while also blocking bad traffic and spammers. Alongside Railgun, they can compress your website up to 99.6% of original size, and speeding up your website by 700%.

So this is a very nifty and useful feature, which usually doesn’t come at all with hosting, hence it’s a big plus that MonsterMegs are offering it for free.

6. Free cPanel Migration

Every webmaster knows how much of a hassle moving your website from one host to another is.

In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons why most webmasters choose to tough it out with terrible hosting services, simply because they don’t want to go through the hassle.

And it’s even worse for those of us who are not tech savvy.

With MonsterMegs, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. If your previous website is on cPanel, MonsterMegs will transfer it over free of charge.

8. Reasonable Pricing

For a starting webmaster, budget has to be one of the most important things on the forefront of his mind when choosing a web host.

Fortunately, MonsterMegs doesn’t disappoint in this category either. Although it’s far from being cheapest in the industry, MonsterMegs offer reasonable prices for their services.

Their Professional plan starts at $5.95/month (RM25.22/month), which will be cheaper if you opt for an annual commitment ($4.95/RM20.98) or a biennial commitment ($3.95/RM16.74).

Although this is not as cheap as some of the other hosting providers out there, it is still a reasonable price, especially considering the service and the support they offer for their customers.

Cons of MonsterMegs

Of course, it isn’t all roses and sunshine with MonsterMegs. They do have their downfalls as well.

So in this part of this MonsterMegs review, let’s talk about their shortcomings.

1. Lack of Data Center Locations 

At first glance, MonsterMegs looks like they have everything a good web hosting provider should have.

But they do have things they lack too. And one of those things are their server locations.

As of the time of writing, MonsterMegs only has two datacenters location, in the USA (Phoenix,) and Netherlands (Amsterdam).

If your website targets mostly customers from this two regions then this will not matter that much. In fact, it’s a huge plus for you.

But if you are a webmaster from Malaysia with a Malaysian audience, then this might be a significant drawback, as your audience might experience longer load times.

1. No Live Chat Support

Although we waxed lyrical about their diverse support options, there is still one thing sorely missing from MonsterMegs support team.

And that’s their lack of live chat support. Although MonsterMegs tried to offset this with their diverse support options, they lack of a live chat support is still felt.

Without a live chat, it’s hard for webmasters to ask questions as it might take too long for their support ticket to be resolved.

Hosting Plans, Pricing and Facts on MonsterMegs

Shared Hosting on MonsterMegs

Professional SSD
Cost: RM25.22 per month



• 5 GB SSD storage
• 5 domains
• 100GB bandwidth
• Free SSL certificates

Business SSD
Cost: RM50.69 per month



• 15 GB SSD storage
• Unlimited domains
• 200GB bandwidth
• Free SSL Certificates

Cost: RM71.90 per month




• 30GB SSD storage
• Unlimited Domains
• 400GB bandwidth
• Free SSL Certificates

Free Domain Yes.
Sign up Easy signup process.
Payment Methods VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, AmericanExpress, PayPal, and even some Cryptocurrencies (Ethereum and LiteCoin)
Hidden Fees and Clauses

All registrations of domain names are subject to the terms and conditions set out in our Domain Name Agreement.



Activation of Account

Instant activation.

Dashboard Experience and Control Panel

Uses cPanel.

Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc) installation

Softaculous app installer for easy script install, over 300+ most popular scripts.

Do we recommend MonsterMegs?

If you’ve been reading this MonsterMegs review, you’ll know that the answer is a definite yes.

If you’re looking for a solid non-EIG hosting provider, then MonsterMegs is one of your best choice.

The premium price is backed up by it’s great service and features, and it’s uptime and speed is nothing to scoff at either.

The only real drawback is it’s server locations and the lack of a live chat support, but if you think you can live with that then you definitely should give MonsterMegs a try.

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