HostPapa is a privately owned web hosting firm that provides web hosting services with incredible customer support.

What’s the story?

HostPapa was established in 2006 and is a privately-owned web hosting company.

They have operations in more than 10 different countries around the world. A few are namely, Canada, United States, Australia, Germany and Singapore.

Next, HostPapa also does ‘green hosting‘ whereby they use solar and wind energy to power their data centers and offices.

Similarly, they promote such doings because they want to reduce their carbon footprints and support renewable energy drives.

What's so special about HostPapa

Firstly, having a ‘green hosting’ initiative is something many web hosting company don’t do.

However, HostPapa does it and uses it to their advantage to provide their centers with power from renewable energy.

Notably, a privatized company for quite a long time has also made them to offer different phone support in different languages such as:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French

As a result, their growth is quite rapid for such a short period of time in the industry, meaning they’re definitely on the right track with their services.

To further find out more about this, we signed up for their HostPapa “Starter Plan” 4 years ago and started a basic WordPress website to determine their uptime and speed.

With this in mind, let’s get started with this HostPapa review and see if they have what it takes to be the top web hosting company in Malaysia.

Pros of HostPapa

In this HostPapa review, we’ll find out how a ‘green hosting’ company hold up against their competitors in the Malaysian industry.

We were excited to see the benefits of using HostPapa. So we were happy that their uptime was great and also they had a variety of options for customer support.

They showed great potential so let’s get the HostPapa review started.

1. Great Uptime 

HostPapa’s uptime were quite good and comparable to other famous web hosts.


This made us quite happy as having good uptime is rare to come by because most web hosts are not able to keep their site alive.

Their 24 month average uptime is a about 99.95%.

Last 12 months average uptime:

  • March 2019: 99.99%
  • April 2019: 100%
  • May 2019: 100%
  • June 2019: 99.98%
  • July 2019: 99.95%
  • August 2019: 99.94%
  • September 2019: 100%
  • October 2019: 99.70%
  • November 2019: 99.88%
  • December 2019: 100%
  • January 2020: 99.99%
  • February 2020: 100%

Based on our HostPapa review, this is one of the best uptime compared to the other web hosts we reviewed. So HostPapa can be considered one of the top web hosting companies which has great uptime.

2. Above Average Speed

HostPapa had a great start in this HostPapa review with their excellent uptime and we hoped that it continued for its speed as well.

Surprisingly, they were not that far away from other competitors such as A Small Orange, HostGator and Bluehost in terms of speed

So we did our speed test for their site and we reviewed it and got the actual data about how they performed.

For the past 24 months their speed came at an average of 759ms which which is better than the industry-standard of 890ms

Last 12 months average load times:

  • March 2019: 537ms
  • April 2019: 458ms
  • May 2019: 433ms
  • June 2019: 421ms
  • July 2019: 484ms
  • August 2019: 531ms
  • September 2019: 537ms
  • October 2019: 554ms
  • November 2019: 570ms
  • December 2019: 508ms
  • January 2020: 529ms
  • February 2020: 574ms

As you can see from this HostPapa review, their speed is quite fast at an average of 511ms for the past 12 months.

3. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Site Migration

In our HostPapa review, we found out that they have a money back guarantee period.

They will provide a full 30 day to claim your money back. Which means you can use their service for a month to try out their services or test out their services like how we did it.

This money back guarantee is in their “Essential Feature” and is available in all their shared hosting plans.

Additionally, they also provide website transfer if you’re from another host and they give you a free domain as well.

4. Comprehensive Support Choices

As mentioned previously, HostPapa has a wide range of support languages and now we’ll see the types of customer support service they provide.

They offer a variety of support choices for customers.

You can contact them through phone, email, mail and fax all available 24/7.

Or you can browse through their extensive library of self-help videos if you don’t feel like interacting with people.

They have 18 different phone support countries which uses languages such as English, French, Spanish and German.

Not only that, there’s an amazing support feature which allows you to contact their ‘Papa Squad Experts’ for one-on-one sessions which uses guided walk-through via telephone or video conference.

Customer service at its best!

5. Dedicated Security Elements

HostPapa’s shared hosting plans all come with security measures such as intrusion detection, server monitoring, firewall and anti-spam protection.

They Business Plan also includes such features as well as additional features like domain privacy protection, a free SSL certificate, a dedicated IP address, and automated website backups.

So with HostPapa you don’t have to worry about being hacked by someone.


6. Great Pricing Value

HostPapa’s web hosting plan starts at the price of $3.95 per month for the first 3 years. Below is their yearly pricing.

Their pricing is lower for new customers, which means that pricing to renew the Starter Plan will increase to $7.99 per month.

Not very good news but this is not a very rare thing to happen in the industry.

But there is some good news. For the initial pricing you’ll get added value.

  • 2 websites
  • Free domain registration
  • 100 GB SSD storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth

But hold up. That’s not all they’re giving. They’ll also give you their “Essential Features” which includes:

  • Free website migration
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • SSL certificate
  • Access to 400+ apps
  • Website builder

Therefore, it’s quite a bargain for the price you pay since they actually give you so many things.

Cons of HostPapa

This comes to a surprise as in our HostPapa review as we only have 2 cons of using their services.

Will these disadvantages pull HostPapa down or will it be some small obstacle for them?

Let’s begin the HostPapa review.

1. Unsatisfactory Support Experience by Customers 

As mentioned in the pros of HostPapa review, they have a variety of support options for you to choose from but this didn’t translate to having a good customer support.

For us, we had a decent experience with their customer support.

On the other hand, when we did a background check on other customers experience with their support, it wasn’t a pretty sight to see.

Customers made complains about how slow their response were, problems were not able to be solved and so on.

Even though, HostPapa has a lot of options for their support system and a great number of centers, the general experience faced by some customers is just below average.

However, this just accounts for a small percentage of people so it’s not something to make a fuss off.

There are bound to be some problems faced when using such services and it may take time for their support people to get to you and handle the problem.

2. Hidden Fees

Normally your website will be set up for free by other web hosts or they will also offer a free money back guarantee.

Sadly this is not the case for HostPapa. Why?

Assuming that, you request a refund during the “30 day” money back guarantee period, payment of $29.95 (RM123.50) will be charged upon cancellation as a setup fee.

Not a pretty number to see when you’re just having a trial for their services.

Hosting Plans, Pricing and Facts on HostPapa

Shared Hosting on HostPapa

(note: has a yearly sign up of 1,2 and 3 years)


Cost: RM24.55 per month (1 year)

RM20.40 per month (2 years)

RM16.30 per month (3 years)


• 2 websites
• Free domain registration
• 100 GB SSD storage
• Unmetered bandwidth
• All “Essential Features”
• Choice of server location


Cost: RM24.55 per month (1 year)

RM20.40 per month (2 years)

RM16.30 per month (3 years)


• Unlimited websites
• Free domain registration
• Unlimited SSD storage
• Unmetered bandwidth
• All “Essential Features”
• “Advanced Features”
• Choice of server location

FastCloud Extra

Cost: RM74.00 per month (1 year)

RM65.80 per month (2 years)

RM53.40 per month (3 years)


• Unlimited websites
• Free domain registration
• Unlimited SSD storage
• Unmetered bandwidth
• All “Essential Features”
• “Advanced Features”
• “Performance Enhancements”
• “Security Enhancements”
• Choice of server location

Free Domain Yes.
Sign up Very easy signup process.
Payment Methods All standard credit cards and PayPal. 
Hidden Fees and Clauses

Advertised price is only for the first payment term. Renewals are much more expensive. You will be charged a setup fee of $29.99 (RM123.70) if you make use of their refund policy.



Activation of Account

Activation can take awhile

Dashboard Experience and Control Panel

Uses cPanel

Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc) installation

One-click installer to install popular apps and CMSs.

Do we recommend HostPapa?

From our HostPapa review, they started out very strong with so many different advantages.

From a strong uptime to a comprehensive pricing plan.

Even though they have some small hiccups like inconsistent customer support experience and additional fees.

Overall, their service is still good and reliable.

So answer is yes, we recommend you to use it. Because:

  • Great uptime
  • Decent speed
  • Long money back guarantee
  • Lots of support options
  • Have security options
  • Value for money

All in all, HostPapa can be viable competitor to the others in Malaysia because of their uptime and speed as well as support options.

However, they definitely have room for improvement to make their customer support consistent and have a transparent money back policy.

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