HostMonster is web hosting company that provides basic hosting plans and also VPS hosting as well as dedicated plans.

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What’s the story?

HostMonster is a web hosting company that has been around since 1996.

You can say that their one of the early pioneers in the industry.

Their office is based in Provo, Utah.

In 2015 they merged with Endurance International Group (EIG).

What's so special about HostMonster?

So what’s their special trademark?

AGE. They’ve been around for more than 2 decades.

However, does HostMonster still have what it takes to compete in the expanding industry.

To further know more about this, we bought their HostMonster’s plan “Basic Plan” 5 years ago and set up a simple WordPress website to test out their uptime and speed.

Without any delay, let’s start this HostMosnter review and see if they have what it takes to be the top web hosting company in Malaysia.

Pros of HostMonster

In this HostMonster review, we’ll find out if an old company still have what it takes to be in the ever growing industry.

They’re a veteran in the field for years and you woud think that they’d have everything figured out.

Well, they do as HostMonster does provide some pretty good stuff – like some nice features.

Without further a do, let’s commence the HostMonster review.

1. Above Average Uptime

HostMonster’s uptime were quite good and can be compared to other prominent web hosts.

For the past 24 months their average uptime was 99.96%. This is slightly higher than the industry standard uptime.

They performed really well and were defeated by more popular web hosts such as Hostinger and HostGator.

Therefore, this shows that they have what it takes to be one of the best web hosting companies.

Nevertheless, let’s look at more concrete evidence on their actual performance.

Last 12 months average uptime:

  • March 2019: 99.96%
  • April 2019: 99.98%
  • May 2019: 99.97%
  • June 2019: 99.98%
  • July 2019: 99.93%
  • August 2019: 99.96%
  • September 2019: 99.96%
  • October 2019: 99.85%
  • November 2019: 99.96%
  • December 2019: 99.98%
  • January 2020: 99.99%
  • February 2020: 99.97%

Based on this HostMonster review, their uptime is very good and is comparable to our other web hosting reviews. Not only is there high uptime availability but also it’s consistent.

So HostMonster could still be formidable competitor in the industry. And they might have the chance to be one of the top web hosting companies.

2. Good But Inconsistent Support 

HostMonster has a few options for their customer support. Here they are.

  • phone
  • email
  • live chat

One thing you should note is that their verification process is quite long and this might be annoying to some people.

However, during our HostMonster review, we used their live chat system and got a reply back in less than 5 minutes. Which is quite slow for a live chat.

Nevertheless, we got most of our questions answered and their support staff seem knowledgeable about their products. But there was really no ‘wow’ factor in their live chat but it was decent.

Although, after some background checking, we found out there were inconsistent reviews by other users.

Therefore, take it with a little grain of salt when you’re contacting them.

3. Decent Security Selections

In our HostMonster review, we found out that they present a few security selections to pick from to assist you in protecting your website as well as keeping malicious programs away.

Normally, WordPress websites get hacked because of the vulnerability of the web hosting company.

Another way is through plugins which are vulerable as well as themes which are insecure.

Whereby with HostMonster you don’t have to worry about all that as they have lots of secuirty options like:

  • Hotlink Protection
  • SSH Access
  • SSL Support
  • Site Backups (Regular)
  • Spam Assasin Protection
4. Quick Setup & Immediate Use of Server

Based on our HostMonster review we found out that they provide an immediate use of their servers if you pick their VPS or dedicated hosting plans.

This is exceptionally good for those who want to get their website started fast or those who are not within the U.S.

The reason? You can expect to use your server within seconds once it’s ready without the hassle of going through a verification process.

Another plus point is that HostMonster provide a free domain for one year for all their new plans!

5. Value for Money Plan

Based on our HostMonster review, their “Basic Plan” isn’t the cheapest as it’s $4.95 (RM 20.91) per month.

But you get some great stuff for that price. Here are what you can get from their Basic Plan:

  • 50 GB Storage
  • Unemetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL

Whereas GoDaddy has upsells of $100 (RM 422.6) per year for these features. So you’re getting big bucks with HostMonster’s plan.





Cons of HostMonster

Based on the pros of HostMonster review they did well with a few hiccups in some places but overall decent.

Now we’ll take a look at some of the cons they have. Hopefully we don’t surprise you with what we’ve discovered.

Let’s see the cons of HostMonster review together.

1. Ordinary Page Loading Time 

As mentioned in the pros of HostMonster review, they have a great uptime and we hoped that they will have fast loading speed as well but sadly they they didn’t perform well here.

Their load speed is an average of 936ms based on a 24 months period.

This is not a good sign for your website. Having such high load speed means your webiste will take a much longer time to load.

And by then you’d proabbly be losing out some customers.

Let’s take a look at their stats for the load time.

Last 12 months average load time:

  • March 2019: 796ms
  • April 2019: 772ms
  • May 2019: 772ms
  • June 2019: 786ms
  • July 2019: 779ms
  • August 2019: 806ms
  • September 2019: 983ms
  • October 2019: 1100ms
  • November 2019: 1084ms
  • December 2019: 1051ms
  • January 2020: 1156ms
  • February 2020: 1031ms

Based on our HostMonster review, their average load time for the past 12 months was 926ms.

This is not really the fastest speed for a website page to load but it’s also not the slowest.

2. Inaccurate Prices with Long Commitments Needed

Based on what we’ve found in our HostMonster review, HostMonster do not entirely offer a monthly basis plan.

For example, most of their plans come with either a 12, 24, or 36 month period to get the monthly price of $6.95, $5.95 and $4.95.

Therefore for you get the  cheapest monthly rates you would need to sign up for a 36 month period plan which is something most people won’t do as they won’t necessarily want to commit for so long.

Nonetheless, this kinds of long commitment plans are not something rare in the industry so it doesn’t come to a surprise to us.

3. Hidden Charges and Costs

Another thing to be worried about is the hidden charges and costs that might come to a surprise to some new users.

First of all, the promotional rate that’s available for new plans are only ‘low’ before you renew.

Once renewal for your plan is needed, the price would be at their regular rate and not the promotional rate. So meaning an increased in pricing.

Secondly, the ‘free domain’ you get is not neccessarily free. If you choose to terminate your account, you’ll have to pay a fee which cannot be refunded – ridiculous!

4. Extra Charges for Features

Normally when you get a basic plan from web hosting companies, it comes with some basic added features.

However, this is not the case with HostMonster.

You’ll need to pay extra if you want the added features.

Here are the added features and its prices:

  • Domain Privacy & Protection ($0.99 monthly -RM 4.18 )
  • SiteLock Security – Find ($1.99 monthly – RM 8.40)
  • CodeGuard Basic ($2.99 monthly – RM 12.63)
  • SEO Tools Start ($1.99 monthly – RM 8.40)
  • Site Backup Pro ($2.99 monthly – RM 12.63)

Therefore, if you’ve always planned on having these features, think carefully before adding them to your website.

Because based on our HostMonster review, they charge you extra for these.

5. Costly Site Migration

Now that we’re at the topic of cost. Here’s another cost you need to add if you choose HostMonster.

Normally moving your website to another web host is simple and fast and free.

But in HostMonster’s case, this is just another opportunity for them to get some extra money from you.

You can migrate your site to their server for free but it will be under FTP (File Transfer Protocol). But it’s definitely going to be a waste of your time to be doing something like that.

Therefore, HostMonster has the option to do it for you but it’ll cost you $149.99 (RM 633.03) – up to 5 sites and 20 email accounts.

That price is 30 times the price of their 36 months Basic Plan.

So based on our HostMonster review, this site migration is kind of a turn-off.


6. High Renewal Cost Plans

This is the final financial related topic.

Generally, the prices that web hosts display on their homepage is not technicaly a lie but more of a far stretch truth.

You’ll normally find out more about their hidden pricing when you look through their FAQ and Terms and Conditions.

Here are the monthly renewal prices for each of HostMonster’s Share Hosting Plans.

Plan Basic Plus Choice Plus Pro
12 mth term $10.99 (RM46.32) $14.99 (RM63.19) $16.99 (RM71.62) $27.99 (RM117.99)
24 mth term $9.99 (RM42.11) $13.49 (RM56.86) $15.99 (RM67.40) $26.49 (RM111.66)
36 mth term $9.49 (RM40.00) $12.49 (RM52.65) $14.99 (RM63.19) $25.49 (RM107.45)

Once the time for renewal arrives you won’t be paying $4.95 a month already as it’ll go up to $11 for the same service.

The more premium the plans are the higher the costs of renewal.

Based on our HostMonster review, if you don’t plan on changing to different web hosts than it’ll be better to geth the 36 month term plan as it’s much value for money.

But please read their Terms of Service as well as Privacy Policy carefully before deciding.

Hosting Plans, Pricing, and Facts on HostMonster

Shared Hosting on HostMonster

Basic Plan

Cost: RM20.86 per month (discounted)

RM40.00 (normally)


• Supports 1 website
• 50 GB storage
• 5 email accounts
• Unlimited bandwidth
• 25 sub-domains

Plus Plan

Cost: RM 29.29 per month (discounted) 

RM52.65 (normally)


• Supports unlimited websites
• Unmetered storage
• Unlimited email accounts
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Unlimited sub-domains
• 1 SpamExperts

Choice Plus Plan

Cost: RM29.29 per month (discounted)

RM63.19 (normally)


• Unlimited website
• Unlimited storage
• Unlimited email accounts
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Unlimited sub-domains
• 1 SpamExperts
• 1 Domain privacy and protection
• CodeGuard Basic

Free Domain Yes.
Sign up One page signup. Easy sugn up process.
Payment Methods All standard credit cards and PayPal. 
Hidden Fees and Clauses

By signing up, you agree to give them a non-exclusive royalty-free license to use content available on your account with them as they deem fit. All shared hosting accounts come with a limit of 1000 total database tables, 3GB total database size, and 200,000 inodes.



Activation of Account

Instant activation

Dashboard Experience and Control Panel

Uses cPanel

Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc) installation

Moko Marketplace for easy installation pf popular apps and CMSs.

Do we recommend HostMonster?

Based on our HostMonster review, they started out quite decently with so many different pros.

From a fast uptime to a decent security feature.

Even though they have some Terms and Conditions that you need to read carefully, before proceeding with your decision of using them. Because it’s going to be a long commitment.

Now here is where thinks sink. Their pricing and cost is what brings them down. Here’s why:

  • Average load time
  • Long plan commitements
  • Hidden charges
  • Extra charges for adding features
  • Charges for site migration
  • High renewal plans

There are definitely better choices for web hosts. Based on our reviews we found that A2 Hosting and SiteGround are much better in most of the category.

So we recommnend you to look at those two first before giving HostMonster a try.

In conclusion, based on our HostMonster review, they still have lots of improvements to make; especially their pricing, before they can compete against fellow competitors in Malaysia to be one of the best hosting company.

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