Green Geeks

Green Geeks is a web hosting company that provides web hosting services and domain registration among other services.

What’s the story?

Compared to some of the web hosting giants we’ve reviewed before, Green Geeks might seem a little lacking.

They were only found in 2008, which is quite late compared to the other web hosting companies.

Their customer base amounts to a respectable 300,000 websites, but even that is paltry compared to the millions of websites their competitors hosts.

But does that meant that Green Geeks are a bad choice? Let’s have a look.

Pros of Green Geeks

As usual, we here at Best Hosting believes in starting with the goods. So let’s have a look at what Green Geeks brings to the table.

In their website, Green Geeks made two lofty claims;

  • 99.9% uptime,
  • 100% customer satisfaction.

So did they manage to deliver this claims to us?

1. Great Uptime

Seeing the claims Green Geeks made in their website, I felt like it’s just appropriate for us to start with their uptime.

And I have to say, Green Geeks did not disappoint.

In our 12 months of testing, Green Geeks delivered on their 99.9% uptime claim with 99.95% of uptime.

This is slightly better than the industry average, which stands at 99.94%.

Last 12 month average uptime;

  • March 2018 average uptime – 100%
  • April 2018 average uptime – 100%
  • May 2018 average uptime – 100%
  • June 2018 average uptime – 100%
  • July 2018 average uptime – 100%
  • August 2018 average uptime – 99.70%
  • September 2018 average uptime – 100%
  • October 2018 average uptime – 99.99%
  • November 2018 average uptime – 99.95%
  • December 2018 average uptime – 100%
  • January 2019 average uptime – 100%
  • February 2019 average uptime – 100%
  • March 2019 average uptime – 99.98%

As you can see here, Green Geeks delivered on one of the best uptimes out of all the website hosting providers we’ve reviewed before.

They managed an impressive 9 months without any uptime at all, which is enough to cement their places as one of the top in the industry!

If you’re looking for a reliable web hosting provider, you can’t go wrong with Green Geeks.

2. Good Page Loading Times

Now that we’ve cleared out the air regarding their uptime, let’s talk about their page load times.

After all, load times can be said as one of the make or break factors for a hosting provider along with uptime and price.

So how does Green Geeks perform in this all important category?

It’s suffice to say that they don’t disappoint.

From our 12 months of testing them, Green Geeks managed an average page load time of 556ms.

Of course, this is a far cry from being the fastest in the industry, but it is enough for them to beat out the industry average (890ms) by a sizeable margin.

Here are the average load times of the 12 months we tested Green Geeks for;

  • March 2018 – 490ms
  • April 2018 – 596ms
  • May 2018 – 514ms
  • June 2018 – 605ms
  • July 2018 – 606ms
  • August 2018 – 579ms
  • September 2018 – 709ms
  • October 2018 – 409ms
  • November 2018 – 375ms
  • December 2018 – 302ms
  • January 2019 – 377ms
  • February 2019 – 580ms
  • March 2019 – 536ms

However, as you can see from our 12-month-experience with Green Geeks, there is but one thing that we can pick on at Green Geeks loading times.

And that is that it’s not consistent at all. As you can see, Green Geeks’ loading times are prone to some violent fluctuations at times.

It can go from a low of 302ms to a high of 709ms at times.

In the grand scheme of things, Green Geeks still managed to garner for itself a respectable load times, but the fluctuations is something you want to keep in mind.

3. Eco-Friendly Hosting

Although this is overlooked by some people, a website actually contributes heavily to the carbon imprint.

According to the founder of Web Neutral Project, Jack Amend, powering a website produces 4,500 pounds of Carbon emissions per year.

Which is why going forward, green hosting will continue to be one of the biggest trends in the web hosting industry that everyone will jump in to.

Just by looking at their name, you can guess that this will be one of the main selling points of Green Geeks.

Green Geeks prides themselves as a completely eco-friendly hosting solution, claiming in their website to be a “hosting platform has been designed with a maximum use, no waste of resources mindset.”

In fact, Green Geeks pledged that for every amperage they pull from the grid, we invest 3 times that in the form of renewable energy via Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

So if you’re looking for an environmentally conscious web hosting provider, you can’t go wrong with Green Geeks.

4. Excellent Customer Service

Remember at the start of this Green Geeks review where we said that they made two lofty claims in their website?

One is 99.9% uptime, which they have delivered as seen above.

The other one is a 100% customer satisfaction.

And we’re glad to say that they delivered on both these fronts.

Green Geeks’ customer service is excellent, so excellent that it makes excellent feels like an understatement.

Green Geeks offer two main ways of customer support, their live chat or their knowledge base.

The first one, their live chat is great. Green Geeks offer a 24/7 live chat customer support for all of their customers, without any distinctions of hosting packages you’ve subscribed to. Their customer support is quick, concise, and always managed to support us with our many queries.

This will prove invaluable for beginners and newbies.

Meanwhile, their knowledge base is also very extensive and easy to use. Green Geeks’ knowledge base is filled with tons of articles in many categories such as sales questions, VPS hosting, affiliate programs and many more.

This is a great boon for users who prefer self-help rather than directing questions towards the customer support team. It is also very useful if their live chat is offline (which never happened with us).

5. Daily Backups

When you’re running your own website, mishaps occur. That’s something that can’t be avoided. It might be a self inflicted mistake, or a malicious act of someone, but websites are always at a risk of losing their data.

Green Geeks offers some semblance of peace of mind against this however, by running daily backups of your website.

With this, no matter whatever happens to your website you can always revert to a working copy from the night before.

Cons of Green Geeks

However, just like any other web hosting providers, there are some cons of Green Geeks that needs to be pointed out as well.

So in this part of this Green Geeks review, let’s have a look at the bad parts of Green Geeks.

1. Pricing Manipulation

Some of you might have seen this coming. After all, it’s quite weird that Green Geeks pricing was never mentioned in the pros right?

Well that’s because Green Geeks pricing structure has the ignominy of belonging to the cons section of this Green Geeks review.

Why? Simple, because of their price manipulation.

In Green Geeks case, they advertised a low RM12.21/monthly rate for their services. However, when you try to sign up you’ll find out that in order to get this price, you have to commit your website for 3 years with Green Geeks.

If you want to pay monthly, the price skyrockets to RM41.19/monthly.

Such dishonest pricing practices might be a staple of the web hosting industry, but it’s still disappointing every time you see it.

2. Dishonest Refund Policy

Green Geeks offers a no questions asked 30 days money-back guarantee. At first glance, this might sound like a great refund policy.

However, just like their pricing, they hide a real important clause in behind the scenes.

How do they do this? Simple.

Most website hosting providers offer a free domain name when you sign up for their services. Green Geeks also offer this.

However, if you used their ‘free’ domain name, and asked for a refund, you will find that your refund will be deducted by RM103.30 as a domain name registration fee.

3. Server Locations

Green Geeks servers is nothing to scoff at. They offer really fast servers and promises things like no oversold-ing, Gigabit connectivity and many more.

However, for Malaysians, Green Geeks might not be the best choice due to their servers location.

Green Geeks offers servers in 5 different locations, but all these locations are in North America and Europe.

For a Malaysian website with a Malaysian customer base, this can prove to be disadvantageous for them. This is because it will take more time for the page to load when you’re so far away from the physical servers.

Hosting Plans, Pricing and Facts on Green Geeks

Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting on Green Geeks

Cost: RM12.20


• 1 website
• 1-click app installer
• Unlimited web space
• Unlimited data transfer

Cost: RM24.61


• Unlimited websites
• 2X Performance
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Powercacher Included

Cost: RM49.40 per month


• Unlimited Websites
• Unlimited SSD Storage
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Unlimited Web Space

Free Domain Free domain for the first year
Sign up Easy signup process
Payment Methods PayPal and Credit Card
Hidden Fees and Clauses

If your account uses more than 100 percent of the 1 CPU core and/or 1GB memory, or 20 concurrent connections or 75,000 files you will risk account termination.


No upsell.

Activation of Account

Quick activation

Dashboard Experience and Control Panel

Cpanel available.

Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc) installation

1-click install tool to make installing apps easier.

Site5, should you or should you not?

So after looking at everything Green Geeks offered, what’s the verdict?

Would we recommend Green Geeks as your hosting provider?


Yes, Green Geeks is not without their shortcomings. But if you’re looking for an ecofriendly web hosting provider, then you’d be hard pressed to find one better than Green Geeks.

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