Exabytes is a web hosting company that provides web hosting services and domain registration.

What’s the story?

Today we’re going to take a look at a homegrown hosting service – Exabytes!

Exabytes has been around for over 18 years as of this writing – not as old as some of the other web hosting companies we’ve reviewed, but certainly not a young one either!

Though Exabytes is comparatively smaller than most of the other hosting companies out there, they’ve been a consistent performer in the space.

Since 2005, they’ve been awarded Best Hosting Company award in Malaysia moving forward.

Today, we’ll find out if that title still holds up.

Pros of Exabytes

As per usual, we’re gonna start things off on a high note on these reviews.

With Exabytes, one glance at their website reveals one of their main strengths – the variation of hosting plans they have.

Exabytes offers a variety of plans suitable for every need, and something that stands out from the other plans we’ve reviewed – they have plans for Linux too! That’s a relatively rare find.

Moving on, let’s take a closer look at the plans they have available.

1. Variety of Plans

Although Exabytes does provide plans for Linux, for consistency, we’re going to focus more on the Windows-side of things. That being said, we’ll begin with the Linux shared hosting plan first.

Exabytes Linux Shared Hosting

Right off the bat, you can see Exabytes offers a plan suitable for almost every tier of business. From hosting websites to e-commerce stores, you can find pretty much everything you’ll reasonably need from their hosting plans.

Next is the Windows shared hosting plan:


Unlike the Linux version, their Windows shared hosting plan is divided into two different plans.

Exabyte also offers plans in yearly payments because it’s a lot cheaper for you to get them than pay for monthly installments.

These are just 2 of the main plans the Exabyte offers. They also offer VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Semi-Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and E-commerce Hosting. When we said they have variety, we weren’t kidding!

2. 99.5% Uptime Promise

That’s right. Advertise on its site, Exabytes claims they endeavor to maintain a 99.5% server uptime and a 99.9% network uptime for your websites. Let’s take a glimpse into the past to see if the numbers match the story they’re trying to tell.

Exabytes Uptime Stats

Looking at the data, there are months where the uptime goes up and beyond their promised 99.9% uptime. But those stats only happen in about 4 of the 10 months we’ve looked at. On the other 6 occasions, Exabytes falls below its promised uptime – even then, the uptime was still within acceptable range.

3. Good Guarantees

Exabytes offers for all its plans an astounding 100-day money-back guarantee! That is an offer that blows the typical 30 days or 45 days offer clear out of the water.

Exabytes also gives an uptime guarantee where they will provide you with a OEC (Outage Event Credit) that effectively compensates you based on the number of times your website went down under their hosting.

Both of these combined amount to the company wanting new customers to give their services a shot at no risk to themselves.

Overall, Exabytes provides a very generous guarantee on its services – a testament to show how confident they are in delivering the best web hosting in Malaysia. Way to justify those awards!

4. Multiple Ways To Reach Support

Performing well on the technical side of things, now we turn our sights towards the support offered.

The first thing about their customer support that you’ll be met with is: their offer of a 24/7/365 support.

According to their website, Exabytes offers you many ways of contacting them. This includes via WhatsApp, Call, Email, and Live chat.

Through the links found on their website, you can directly reach them straight from your email or WhatsApp web.

5. Convenient Customization

Exabytes has a huge library of customization for your web hosting needs.

Having many of your familiar applications such as WordPress and Joomla available only a click away helps to keep the user experience beginner friendly.

Access to over 4000 applications and a 1000+ scripts at your finger tips gives you all the liberty you’ll need to make your website truly yours.

Cons of Exabytes

Let’s take a look at where Exabytes might be falling a bit short.

1. Slow Customer Support Response

Though you might have no problem reaching for Exabyte’s support, getting a response back often takes time.

Reports from other users show that this is the primary complaint that Exabytes has going against it.

As is often the case in the web hosting world, customer is often the area where most companies can find room to improve upon.

Perhaps one day Exabytes could even match the level of customer support that Siteground has.

2. Pricing is on the steep side

All the nice things that you’ll get from signing for Exabytes services is going to cost you a fair bit. Nothing too outrageous, but definitely noticeable.

Taking a look at the cheapest available plan for Windows we see that it costs RM31/month, or about RM22/month if you purchase it on an annual basis.

Comparing this to Siteground’s cheapest plan for shared hosting (about RM16/month), and we see that even Exabytes cheapest plan purchased on an annual basis is still more expensive.

But hey, you get what you pay for!

Hosting Plans, Pricing and Facts on Hostinger

Shared Hosting on Exabytes

EBiz Plus – Windows Shared Hosting
Cost: RM31 per month


• 1 website
• 50GB disk space
• Unlimited bandwidth
• 1 MYSQL Database

EBiz Gold – Windows Shared Hosting
Cost: RM41.50 per month


• 1 websites
• 500GB disk space
• Unlimited bandwidth
• 1 MYSQL Databases

Free Domain Free domain
Sign up Easy signup process
Payment Methods PayPal and Credit Card
Hidden Fees and Clauses



Some upsells during checkout

Activation of Account

Instant activation

Dashboard Experience and Control Panel

Uses cPanel

Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc) installation

Easy installation for popular CMSs and apps

Exabytes, should you or should you not?

After reviewing all that Exabytes has to offer, does it stand up as being the best web hosting company in Malaysia?

All things considered, we think they deserve that honor.

Between their very generous guarantees and absolutely serviceable plans, we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t at least give them a try.

With that, out verdict when it comes to deciding if Exabytes is worth the time and money: a resounding yes. Totally.

This concludes our Exabytes review. Thanks for reading!

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