DreamHost is the providence of storage space and access to websites.

Is it all that is dreamed to be?

Here is an honest professional web hosting review on the web hosting fossil that is DreamHost.

Web hosting is basically the providence of storage space and access to websites, it is an important factor for most who want to venture into the online world and even for ye old experts in the field.

This review shall delve into all the little secrets of DreamHost that one can only observe when you become their longtime customer. Follow me as I tell you about the pros and the cons of this web hosting service to make sure you have a well-informed impression of DreamHost.

So what's so special about DreamHost?

DreamHost is like a grandfather in the family of web hosts. It was founded in the same year that the DVD was first released to the public, 1996 (yes THAT OLD) by undergrad students in California. Its long life isn’t in vain though, DreamHost currently has 400,000 customers and hosts 1.5 million websites. That is crazy!

DreamHost has gained the respect of its competitors and has won the “Best web hosting service” award by PCMag two years in a row.

DreamHost is so confident in its web hosting abilities that they offer a wild 97 day period for you to obtain a refund if you are not satisfied with their service. Dreamhost has even gone as far as to promise 100% uptime.

We decided to take Dreamhost for their word and find out for ourselves if they can actually stand up to their preposterous claims. We did this by using their services for more than a year.

The Advantages of Using DreamHost

Here is what we found:

1. Its load time is 23% faster than the niche average

With the record of 709ms of page load time over 8 months and 23% faster than the average industry of 890ms, DreamHost never let us down.

2. Its support is friendly and well versed on things regarding their services

Having the best uptime and page load time means nothing without the great support from the customer service.
Specifically, in that area, DreamHost passes with flying colors. Within 5 minutes, our team managed to connect with their live chat support and after every few seconds receive the most detailed response for every inquiry.

Not only that, their support was not being outsourced with the availability of 24/7/365.

3. It has impressive money back guarantee and promises free days if downtime is less than promised
Compared to other web hosting in the industry, DreamHost offers the longest duration money back guarantee of 97 days.

Not only that.

For every hour of downtime, they would offer free days of credit services. Obviously, they are not kidding in support and standing behind their service. (How awesome is that?)

For example, back in April, the uptime was slightly lower more than what DreamHost had promised to its consumers.

According to the DreamHost’s Terms and Service, the consumer only eligible in getting free day credit of services when:

  • Unresponsive service of DreamObjects
  • DreamObjects response with server error for more than a minute of consecutive valid request by the users

Downtime from the scheduled maintenance is excluded.

It is important for the users to know that on a certain type of payments, DreamHost does not simply offer automatic refunds, such as:

  • Money orders
  • Paypal
  • Gift Certificates
  • Check (electronic or written)

It’s good to know that the DreamHost offers such a long period of time to receive your money back. It shows that they are really confident about their product and you should be too.

If you are really unsure about committing 100% to the DreamHost services, you should pay their subscription through credit card or debit.

In that way, you will be receiving your refund easily.

4. Good plan options

Back in the days, DreamHost used only to offer on the single shared of hosting options.

That plans suits for anyone who does not want to feel overwhelmed, despite the price is pretty high.

It might look suitable for the beginners who do not want to get involved with other complicated plans, but at the end of the day, it cost them more than usual.

Fortunately, DreamHost had performed a high number of improvements to its plans to open up more options that are affordable.

5. Lower cost
DreamHost USED to be on the expensive side for web hosting and it was one of the major disadvantages for DreamHost.

But since they have released with tonnes of tier options, the price dropped considerably.

Their most basic shared hosting plans for simple websites only cost RM10. 77 per month in the first year.

With similar pricing, other web hostings might offer you up to three years of the contract. Let’s say that you are getting a pretty nice value here.

If you need something that is more powerful, you can simply convert to dedicated servers, DreamPress, VPS or you could subscribe on having the unlimited amount of share upgrade. So now you could save up a small amount of bucks and upgrade your site when you are financially ready.

6. Impressive bandwidth

Other web hosting companies might be stating that they offer unlimited hosting, yet for most of them, it doesn’t even come to close.

DreamHost really keeps with its word with the most impressive bandwidth and data transfer.

With the provided service and pricing, it is an unusual matter, except for:

  • Copyrighted content which you do not have the distribution rights.
  • Sites for file distribution, upload, mirroring, archive, backup or even sharing.
  • Making your account to be open for the public (either free or not).
7. Committed to lowering their carbon emissions

The amount of electricity that is required to run the server is huge. In other words, being the web host does take a high number of resources.

As DreamHost is committed in reducing their electricity impact to the environment, they purchase the carbon offsets. That makes DreamHost as a carbon neutral company since 2007.

In fact, DreamHost managed to neutralize more than 29.298 tons of greenhouse gases in just 10 years.

The Disadvantages of Using DreamHost
1. Slightly lower than the average uptime

DreamHost is super confident with their uptime as they will provide free credit services for every hour their site experience downtown.

Good for their company financial management as this can be considered as almost never happen.

But then, since we’ve been reviewing them for more than 10 months, we discovered that their uptime slightly dropped below the average industry of 99.95% (almost four hours of total downtime)

2. Not using cPanel

Compared to another web hosting that is using cPanel as one of their major features, DreamHost is using its own control panel that they created by their own in providing the streamlined version especially for the non-techies people.

For professionals who normally used Plesk or cPanel, they might not prefer this kind of approach.

3. Delayed Setup

Despite having instant activation, DreamHost provision might take several hours. Every new accounts are required to verify before official activation. If you are thinking about having new plans and simply operating it ASAP, we can assure that you will have a strong dislike to it.

Pricing, Hosting Plans and Facts on DreamHost

Shared Hosting

DreamHost offers two types of shared hosting plans.

Starter Shared Unlimited
Cost: RM10.60 per month (only for the first annual payment) Cost: RM31.08 per month (only for the first annual payment)

  • One website

  • Unlimited websites
DreamPress DreamPress Plus  DreamPress Pro
Cost: RM69.40 per month Cost: RM102.16 per month Cost: RM294.60 per month

  • 10,000 monthly visits
  • 30GB SSD

  • 30,000 monthly visit
  • 60GB SSD

  • 100,000 monthly visit
  • 120GB SSD
  • Staging site provided
VPS Hosting Plan
Cost: RM56.30 per month
• Single GB of RAM 30GB storage
• Unlimited hosting domains

If you think that is not enough, VPS Hosting also provides three different tiers of options with unlimited bandwidth.

Business Professional Enterprise
Cost: RM112.60 per month Cost: RM225.20 per month Cost: RM450.39 per month

  • 2GB of RAM
  • 60GB storage

  • 4GB of RAM
  • 120GB storage

  • 8GB of RAM
  • 250GB storage
Dedicated Server Plan
Cost: RM691.97 per month

• Unlimited uptime guarantee
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Protection of DDoS
• Access of full root and shell
• 12 max cores
• 64Gb max RAM
• 2TB of storage
• RAID 1

Free Domain Free (only for the first year of annual hosting plans)
Signup Long and complicated process
Method of payments PayPal, Checking Account, Check, Credit Card and Money Order
Fees and Clause None!
Upsells High upsells involved
Activation of Account Might take a while. Go eat a plate of nasi lemak (or two)
Dashboard Experience and Control Panel Custom DreamHost control panel that is so difficult to use
Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc) installation Rapid installation for WordPress and CMSs

Do we recommend using DreamHost?

Yes, BUT depending on what you are looking for.

If you are experiencing any downtime, DreamHost can be super reliable especially in offering a money-back guarantee.

Their support is amazing with additional support when you switching over.

The pricing is good as you get what you pay.

If you are looking for the most reliable of value, DreamHost could be your number one choice in Malaysia.

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