Arvixe was founded by Arvand Sabetian before being obtained in 2014 by the EIG company.

Review on Arvixe

Over the past 3+ years, we have been monitoring Arvive speed and their uptime.

This particular review relies mainly on the data collected, such as:

What is A2 Hosting?

In 2003, Arvixe was founded by Arvand Sabetian before being obtained in 2014 by the EIG company (who owns A LOT of web hosting companies!)

During that time, Arvixe had 70,000 hosting accounts, more than 150,000 domains with 80 contractors and full-time employees all around the world.

Initially, Arvixe started in San Luis Obispo and data centers in Europe (Amsterdam), Asia (Hong Kong) and North America (Dallas).

It is common for the web hosting under a huge and distinct company such as EIG would be having almost unlimited of resources towards better delivery service.

However, it might seem different for most of the company under EIG who had received high number of negative reviews.

But we will try to prove them, that is wrong!

In June 2015, we purchased Arvixe ‘Personal Class Plan’ to investigate carefully on what Malaysian’s think about Arvixe and using their service for firsthand experience.

We really hope that we are able in helping you to make the best decision on Arvixe with our unbiased review.

In making an objective comparison with other top Malaysian web hosting companies that we had reviewed, we had collected details statistics on speed and uptime.

The Benefits Of Arvixe

Let’s get real, the list of Arvixe’s benefit is not that long.

1. Features of Advanced Plan

Despite Arvixe web hosting plan is not among the cheapest out there, yet they does provide advanced features for their basic plan compared to other web hostings where you need to pay more for additional advanced plan.

For example, their cheapest plan has:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Support up to six domain names

Arvixe also include free ads credit on Yahoo, Bing and Google, which is good if you are considering about using online advertisement for better online exposure.

2. Proactive Security Measure

In protecting your site, Arvixe comes with security options, such as:

  • Spamhaus&amp
  • Domain Keys
  • Spam Assassin
  • SPF for email security
  • SpamCop Checks

Not only that, they also provide additional security options:

  • Brute force detection
  • Firewall
  • SSH access
  • Daily backups
  • Nightly security updates
  • SSL support
3. Free migration

Similar to other web hosting provider, Arvixe happily transfering your contents from the existing site to the new server for FREE.

The Disadvantages On using Arvixe

Advanced plan features, proactive security measure and free migration MIGHT put Arvixe web hosting on your list.

But then, to our dismay their primary aspects performance for web hosting such as speed, uptime and customer support are dragging them down straight to the bottom.

1. Poor uptime

Not only having low uptime, Arvixe also experiencing slow load times.

For the past 10 months we have being using Arvixe, their delivery performance is 530% SLOWER than the average. Technically their uptime is at 5679ms compared to the average at 890ms.

Considering how important page speed for a successful website, that’s obviously not a good sign.

In fact, years ago, Google itself experienced 0.5 seconds delay on their page and their traffic drop significantly for 20% in just an overnight. Not only that, for ecommerce website, if it don’t load fully within 3 seconds they will lose more than half of their traffic.

That’s how important uptime to a website as it will affect your conversion rate and usability points drastically and negatively.

2. Low response on customer support

From our observation, Arvixe seems to have qualified expert in helping them with their customer service.

But then, we believed that their number is not enough to accommodate with high number of inquiries from the user that cause delay of connection and low response.

Once again ladies and gentlemen, speed does matter!

3. Expensive pricing

Arvixe cheapest plan cost for RM29.10 and that doesn’t sound too bad UNTIL you realized that it is the payment for two years and paid in full upfront.

Thinking about cheaper options? Month-to-month? A shorter period of time? Then you are going to be paying almost double the price of RM41.57 for every single month. (What?!)

Hence it makes the payment seems to be unreasonable and not worth the price.

4. Average uptime

For the last 10 months testing on the Arvixe plan, we found out that their uptime is at the standard average (read: nothing special with it)

Arvixe also has below average uptime performance of 99.72% compared to the industry average standard of 99.94% over the last 8 months.

Hosting Plans, Pricing and Facts on Arvixe

Shared Hosting

All the shared hosting plans comes with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth

PersonalClass PersonalClass PRO PersonalClass ASP PersonalClass ASP PRO
Cost: RM28.66 per month Cost: RM40.95 per month Cost: RM32.76 per month Cost: RM45.04 per month

  • Up to six websites

  • Unlimited websites

  • Six websites
  • Six Dedicated Application Pools

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited Dedicated Application Pools
Free Domain Totally Free
Signup Easy signup process
Method of payments PayPal and Credit Card
Fees and Clause None!
Upsells No upsells involved
Activation of Account Instant activation
Dashboard Experience and Control Panel cPanel (Linux Hosting) and WebSitePanel (WindowsHosting)
Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc) installation Softaculous for rapid installation for CMSs and other apps

Do we recommend using Arvixe?

No. We do not.

Let’s get real, we do favour with their additional features on every plans, free domain name, unlimited bandwidth and daily backups, yet it still can’t overlooked the fact that their three main aspect performances of uptime, page loading times, support from the customer service are low.

Our suggestion?

It would be worth for you to do survey or some checking research on other web hosting in saving your time and especially your money.

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