A WordPress Checklist for When Your Site is Down.

Today we have a WordPress checklist for when your site is down. So get your paper and pen ready if you got a website which is down. 

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You constantly grow as you age, your website also grows as well, as it becomes older.

As we age come some problems, this is no different from your WordPress site.

Occasionally, you will experience downtime with your website. And this can be frustrating.

Well, we got you covered with our WordPress checklist for when your website is down.

Checklist For Down Website

WordPress Checklist 1: Is It Really Down?

Firstly, sometimes it’s good to question yourself whether you are actually experiencing a downtime with your WordPress site.

Occasionally, the problem might not come from the WordPress hosting companies as it might be from your side. 

It could be an unstable Internet connection or fully occupied disc space which slows the connection between you and your website.

Therefore, to truly check on this issue is to verify that your WordPress is truly experiencing downtime.

Here are some websites you can use to check the staus of your website:

To find out if your website is really down, just insert your site’s URL into the search checker and you’ll get a report on its status.

Whether your website is trully experiencing downtime then you should take note of this checklist to determine the cause of the problem.

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WordPress Checklist 2: Is Your Hosting Server Down Due to Maintenance?

Secondly, a typical reason why you’re experiencing website downtime could be due to the fact that your web host’s server is down.

There could be a couple of reasons as to why your best hosting service provider is experiencing downtime with their servers:

  1. Repair – a repair on the hardware of the server may be the cause of your downtime as it may require change in parts so you’ll have to deal with it until the repair is done.
  2. Maintenance – a maintenance on the server may lead to a short downtime. It may include making adjustments or updating the security and software of the server. But normally you should be notified earlier when it’s time for to maintain your website.
  3. Security Exposure – security risk may be why you’re experiencing a downtime with your website as your hosting provider may have briefly made their servers offline to counter cyberattacks.

Thus you should contact your hosting provider if you experience downtim with your website.

They may be able to provide you useful information on how to fix the problem you’re facing.

WordPress Checklist 3: Is Your Domain Hijacked?

Supposedly that your website is not under maintenance, the next plausible reason why your website is down could be because it was hijacked.

If you find that an unauthorized person has unlawfully gained access to your website – this is called domain hijacking.

There some ways as to how someone can hijack your domain:

  1. Your login details was not kept safely.
  2. A security breach from your domain provider granted hijackers to get your domain details.
  3. Your domain registration ceased then someone took advantage of that and acquired your domain name.

To determine whether your domain is still under your authority, you should login to your domain account.

Then check if the domain registration is still under your name and make sure that it’s not expired.

In case you encounter problems with your domain, immediately contact your domain provider to ask for an update on your domain status.

We recommend you  to read our Bluehost review Malaysia to see the great security options they provide.

The Importance of Hosting Provider Reviews

WordPress Checklist 4: Has Your Hosting Package Reached It’s Limit? 

Yet another common reason as to why your website is down is because you’ve reached the limit of your hosting package.

Normally, the hosting plan you choose allows you access to resources in the server needed for your WordPress site, but there are limiations to what you get.

Here are some examples:

  • Disk Space – You have a limit for your disk space so if it exceeds the threshold you may not be able to use certain functions in your website. The disk space may be consumed by images, videos, CSS files and HTML codes.
  • Hosting bandwidth – If your website exceeds the bandwidth due to too much traffic it can cause you to experience downtime and crash. The bandwitdh is the your website’s data which is shared to your visitors. Its consumption is based on the amount of traffic your site receive as well as the simlultaneous access of the information wanted by visitors.

Nonetheless, this problem can be solved easily by upgrading your hosting package.

We recommend you to look at the unmetered bandwidth Hostgator provides in our Hostgator cloud hosting review.

With the assumption that you don’t want to worry about hosting package limitations that you’ll experience with your WordPress site. 

WordPress Checklist 5: Is Your Website Theme and Plugin Working Properly?

The theme and the plugins are essentials for any WordPress site especially if you’re aiming to be the top web hosting company in Malaysia

They are responsible for the look of your website as well as its functionality.

Nonetheless, after some time your theme and plugins might not be working properly.

This is due to WordPress which is an ever changing content management system (CMS).

Therefore, after some time your plugins and theme will not be compatible with the WordPress updates.

Here are some examples of how the themes and plugins cause your website to be down.

  • Used a malicious third party – if you installed a third party theme or plugin this may cause your website security to be opened to malware attacks and cause the site to be down.
  • Loss developer support – if you used an official theme or plugin but it suddenly did not get updates or security patches anymore from the developer, meaning the theme or plugin should not be used anymore as it may be unstable and have security breaches.
  • Not updated theme or plugin – if you’re using a certain theme or plugin, make sure that it is properly updated to function properly as well as has security updates.

Hence, you need to make sure that your WordPress theme or plugin is constantly updated, supported and trusted to avoid your website to be down.

The Important Features of Hosting Service Provider

The Important Features of Hosting Service Provider

WordPress Checklist 6: Is Your Security Weak?

As mentioned in previous points weak security always leaves your website vulnerable to cyber attacks. So make sure your site’s security is always on.

Here are some causes that makes your website’s security weak:

  • Security plugin not installed – Having a security plugin like Jetpack is essential because it  scans your WordPress site for malicious cyber attacks to prevent hackers from entering your website.
  • Dashboard too easily accessible – Using easy usernames and passwords just because it’s easy for you  to remember won’t save your website from hackers as easy to guess logins are susceptible to frequent cyber attacks. So buff your logins with a better password.
  • Website opened to too many users – You should limit the amount of people who have access to your website as it gives hackers more chances to break into your website. This is especially true if the users use public Wifi which is not safe or forgot to log out after using the website.

Therefore, for you to prevent such cyber attacks to your website, you should install a high security plugin.

We recommend you to read the iPage hosting review as they have enhanced security options and you can learn how to protect your website from cyber attacks.


In conclusion, if you’ve read through until the end, this means that you’re ready to check your website with this checklist to determine the cause of the downtime of your website.

If you’re able to fix the issue, you can boast about it and might have a chance to be the best web hosting company in Malaysia.

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