Why Mobile Responsiveness Is Important For A  Website

A mobile responsive website is one of the main factors that can make or break your website. Why is it so important? Let’s go over the reasons.

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Benefits of Website Performance Optimization

Mobile Responsiveness Is No Longer The Future, It's The Present

When you’re creating a website, there are plenty of variables for you to keep track of. The home page and it’s content, the landing pages, what features they need, among others. But somehow, even in 2019, there is one website feature that keeps getting overlooked.

This feature is the mobile responsiveness of the website. Back when smartphones weren’t really a thing, webmasters didn’t really have to worry about the mobile responsiveness of the website. After all, there aren’t that many who use their phones to scroll through websites. But the advent of smartphones changed all that.

It’s no exaggeration if someone was to say that smartphones have changed the way people live their lives. From a device meant only for communication, smartphones are now essentially used for everything. Shopping, connecting with people, surfing the internet, which are all done with their smartphones.

Hence, in turn this means that websites that are not mobile responsive will be losing out on a lot of their audience base.

Why Mobile Responsiveness Is Important?

In 2015, Google rolled out an update for their search engine algorithm which takes into account a website’s mobile responsiveness. This update meant that any website that wasn’t mobile responsive will find it harder to rank on Google’s search engines.

This update is now aptly known as the ‘Mobilegeddon’ as it definitely spelled the doom of people who didn’t want to change their website to be mobile responsive. That’s why mobile responsiveness is important for your website. If your website is not mobile responsive, then you will not be able to rank on Google.

If that’s not reason enough, here’s a statistic for you.

40% of users will go to a competitors website if a website’s mobile experience is choppy.

Want another statistic?

65% of mobile searches happen at home, when larger screens are available. This means that users are using their smartphones to surf the web because they want to, not because they were forced or lacked the options.

Therefore, it’s safe to say mobile responsiveness is very important if your website wants to be competitive.

The Importance of Hosting Provider Reviews

What is Mobile Responsiveness?

In the simplest of terms, mobile responsiveness refers to how your website reacts when it’s browsed using a smaller screen. Remember back when you had to pinch your screen to view websites on your phones? That’s what mobile responsiveness fixes.

Benefits Of Mobile Responsive Website

Here are some of the major benefits of a mobile responsive website:


Benefits of Website Performance Optimization


Improved Search Rankings

Thanks to the update mentioned above, mobile responsiveness is one of the main factors that influences your ranking. Hence, if your website is mobile responsive, it’ll be easier to rank on search engines.

This will help you to reach a whole new audience, as they will be able to discover your website in search engines.

A mobile responsive website will also increase your audience count. Before this, you might be losing out on potential users as your website was not mobile responsive, which will lead them away to competitors website.

Benefits of Website Performance Optimization

More Users, More Revenue

Before this we’ve mentioned that thanks to smartphones, there are now more mobile users than ever. This also means that there are a lot of potential customers on mobile.

Here’s another statistic for you; According to BrizFeel, 49% of users use mobile phones to do their shopping.

This means that if your website is not mobile responsive, you can be losing out on 49% of your customers.

Faster Website

In a previous article, we mentioned how important it is for you to optimize your website and make it faster. Well, one of the best ways you can optimize your website’s load time is by making your website mobile responsive.

The process of making a website mobile responsive utilizes modern tech such as caching and responsive images, which will help your website load faster.

Hence, by making your website mobile responsive, you’re also optimizing your website.

The Importance of Hosting Provider Reviews

Saves Time And Cost

Back when a mobile responsive website is a thing, what webmasters used to do were create two separate websites. One for the mobile version, and another for the desktop version.

It’s not hard to see that this method brings in a lot of headaches for the webmasters, because two websites mean that you will have two websites to manage. This means keeping track of the analytics, conversions, sales, everything twice.

But with a mobile responsive website, all this hassle can be avoided. A mobile responsive website means that the website transforms itself according to the device used to view the website.

Hence, you only have to keep track of one website, which undoubtedly saves time and cost compared to the alternative.

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