Why Do We Need Web Hosting?

Web hosting in improving the virtual presence of the website

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Web Hosting and Virtual Presence

The virtual presence of your business website is really crucial in today’s business world and that is the main reason why every owner of the business website in Malaysia is aware with the importance of online presence for their website brands.

Furthermore, without a good website, it means less virtual presence of your online business website. By right, your website eventually will be doomed as the profits and recognition of your website brands come from search engines on the Internet.

In other words, online presentation is very important, especially to the website’s brand as it is the most crucial aspect for a website to be at the very top of Google’s search result.

The reasons for the website to be at the very top of Google's search result:

  • Attracting new clients
  • Achieving higher profit and revenue
  • Have the ability in reaching the targeted customers
  • Widen up the recognition of your website brands

Worry not, web hosting options, acts as the most significant role in developing a reliable and stable website as the main key towards better quality of business website virtual presentation.

Why Do We Need Web Hosting?

Why do we need web hosting?


1. Having control of the website

Database access, designing and developing your website

Having the ability to be fully in charge of your website is the main aspect of designing and developing your website as you see fit.

After all, you are not bound to a second party that may have a restriction or even limitation on certain applications or features to be inserted on your website.

Fully control in and out of the website

By having web hosting, you have the full control of your website, in and out.

Contrary, if you are taking the free online platform such as Tumblr or Blog, your website is facing the risk of being taken down without notice as you are not the only one who is in charge for the website.

2. More options on customization

More options on having additional features

When you are hosting your own website, it means that you have full control of it. Hence, you have the chance to customize it according to your liking by having additional features without experiencing any restriction from another party.

It is different when you are using the typical free online platform whereby, you would not have much ability to expand or customize your website as you might have limitation to access certain plugins or features.

Increase your website credibility to your customer

Website credibility is important if you are conducting a business website. Having the credibility from your customers is really important for the very first impression in encouraging them to buy products or services from your brands.

However, if you are using free online platform, it means you are sharing your website with the free host. By that, it will reduce the credibility of your website with the customer and impact your brand’s recognition negatively.



3. The overall safety of the website

By implementing web hosting to your website, you are encouraging the proper safety towards your website’s information and database privacy.

As no other party is managing your website at the same time, you can implement other security features such as the CMS or the security plugins to ensure your website is at the highest level of security.

“I already had a domain name, do I still need to have web hosting?”

The majority of people will have the tendency to think that only having a domain name is already good enough for their business website.

Is it true?

No, it is not.

This is when people get it all wrong. Having a domain name is good, but it is not good enough for your business website.

In other words, a domain name is similar to your name whereby people just know and recognize who you are. But in a larger scope, you need to have a web hosting to stay active and live on the Internet. Similarly, if you would like to build a business website, yet you do not have a web hosting service provider or even domain name, hence it will serve no purpose.

As the conclusion, web hosting, web hosting service provider and domain name come all together in developing or building a perfect website for your business website. That’s how your business website can stay alive in competing with other business websites out there.

Bear in mind that, online competition is real.

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