What To Consider In Web Hosting?

Main aspects that you need to look up for in web hosting.

Before you read this, have you read: Why Do We Need Web Hosting?

What To Consider in Web Hosting?

Previously, you already know what is web hosting, why do we need web hosting and how to select the best web hosting for your website.

Now, we are going to share with you what to look up for in hosting.

After all, there are hundreds or even thousands virtual company in Malaysia, that is providing website hosting such as:

But you definitely, simply do not want to choose one randomly without knowing the exact aspect that you should look up for.

Reliability and Uptime

Reliability is the quality of the website and it is one of the most important aspects for a website, especially for the business websites that are managing high number of business transaction and other critical tasks.

Uptime is the amount of time for the server to stay up and running. Besides, uptime is one of the best measurements to know how good your website it.

Most of the web host companies would stick to 99.5%-99.9% of uptime.

Before you decide on their web hosting service provider, make sure to know their uptime policy or offer any sort of uptime guarantee. Some of the companies will even compensate you for any uptime that exceeds their guaranteed uptime.

The importance of reliability and uptime

Not only that, reliability and uptime can make a difference between the number of people that will be the frequent visitor to your website or simply making them having one trip to your website and never come back to your website.

That’s how important reliability and uptime to your website.

Hence, it is the first thing that you should look up for in web hosting.

Storage and bandwidth

When you look up for hosting, bandwidth and storage must come hand in hand.


The total amount of space on the server for you to store HTML files, images, databases, email and website scripts.


The number of a page view and amount of traffic that your website manage to handle every single month.

Basically, the limitation of storage from each website hosting might vary widely across different platforms.

Hence, selecting the suitable size of storage is important, for the future of your website development and growth as it will be expected that the storage of your website will be expanded up to 3-4 times compared to the original size.

After all, majority of the companies would simply offer unlimited bandwidth.

However, there is still a chance for your website to experience bandwidth throttling or offline due to massive traffic surge-if one of your blog posts went viral or holiday season.

Towards the betterment of your website development in the future, storage and bandwidth are the second things that you should look up for in web hosting.

Customer support

Most of the time, customer support for website hosting is something that people rarely think about it, as they believed it is not important until it’s too late.

As for example, when you are facing difficulties with your website such as:

  • your website went offline and you cannot do anything to make it back to online
  • all of your website database went missing, and you cannot retrieve it back
The worst-case scenario on customer support

You are trying to contact their customer support, the worst thing that you might face is the customer support is not responsive or their customer support function is not working properly.

And just imagine that you’ve got a big launch for your website the next day.

That ain’t sound fun, right?

For this reason, one of the main aspects that you should look up for in web hosting is the effectiveness and the speed in providing support.

In other words, simply choose for the web hosting that offers live support to their client, 24/7.

For the sake of long term website improvement, customer support is the main aspect that needs to be looking up for in web hosting.


Now, you are fully prepared to develop your own website!

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