What Is Web Hosting?

The general idea on web hosting and domain.

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The General Idea Of It

If you just recently stepped and involved in ecommerce, I bet you have heard these two terms being thrown around every so often; domain and web hosting. These two terms, can be confusing if you don’t fully understand them because at a glance both might sound the same.

But they are not, these are two different things and one can’t function without the other.

So for the general on relation between domain and web hosting is like this; if you are to open a restaurant or a store at any shopping malls in Malaysia, you will need to buy or rent a space to be used for that purpose, no?

Okay, so imagine domain name as the address for business and web hosting is the complex or building its located in.

Right now a thought just ran across your mind didn’t?

That physical business doesn’t necessarily need a building or complex to operate, it can operate just fine using street stalls or the sort.

But the thing is, not everyone will be informed about the existence of your business maybe only the locals and nearby areas know.

Not to mention it is not as secured as the ones housed in a building.

So What Is Web Hosting Actually: The Definition Of It

Well, the standard and on the surface definition for it goes like this:

“The activity or business of providing storage space and access for the website.”

That definition only scratches the surface of what web hosting can do for you, like really just the surface.

So Here’s What Web Hosting Does

What web hosting does is helping you to find the website that you are looking for via the domain name.

The domain then is translated to IP address of the web hosting company, which is a computer containing files of the website you browsed for and these files are then will be sent to the browser you are on.

Yeah, you can still search for a website using keywords that describe it’s services but the result might not be the website you want to visit, it is like looking for one specific person by just describing his/her characteristics

So basically, it is like when you are looking for a specific store or a restaurant in a mall where you go to the Floor Directory (in this case, Google is your directory) and look for the name of the store or restaurant and see where is it located.

Technically, once you know where it is located, you’ll head to that location.

Aside from direct people to website they’re looking for, there are other types of services a web hosting company able to provide.

Types of services of a web hosting company:

  • providing security for a website, by setting up personnel to monitor a website’s security
  • provide storage for data
  • helps you manage inventory
  • manage traffic

However, these services availability depend on who is the web host, because different web hosting company provides different services. So if you have specific services or features in mind, browse through our comprehensive list of service providers. We have a pretty extensive

So A Web Hosting Company Hosts A Website, Is That Website Tied To It Then?

Nope, it is not.

If you find the web hosting company doesn’t provide features you want or if it’s services are not satisfying, you always have the option to migrate your website to a different web hosting company.

After all, most web hosting companies provide free migration, though there are some that will charge you.

The limitation of data migration

There is a limit to the amount of data you can migrate and this depends on the package and the web hosting company that you are subscribed to.

By that. it is really important to be sure to thoroughly read each of a web hosting company services to avoid confusion.

Moreover, it is possible because the moment you register the domain, you own the right to use and migrate to any other web hosting company you want.

Therefore, I would suggest waiting for at least 45 days or after fee renewal before migrating to a different web hosting provider.

The international organization that monitors and keeping tracks of domain names, (ICANN) will require one-year renewal feel before initiating the transfer.

Above all, be sure take note of how long your domain name been the web hosting company.

What About The Domain?

Does It Have To Be Purchase From The Web Hosting Company I’ll Be Subscribing?

No, you can buy the domain name from other company that provides such service in Malaysia, as it does not necessarily have to be from the web hosting provider that you will subscribe to.

In spite of that, it can be a hassle because you will need to direct your domain to the web hosting company by tweaking the DNS setting and this can trouble for a person that is not technically inclined.

By that, if you want to avoid this hassle you can purchase the domain name from the same company that provides you web hosting.

Oh, and yes, you still can migrate to a different web hosting.

So Is It Possible To Move My Website To Another Web Hosting Company Without Changing The Domain Name?

Yep, because you own the right to the domain name, so you have the access to its setting and redirect it to a new web hosting company.

What If There Is A Technical Issue?

You’re not alone, don’t worry.

Above all, every web hosting service providers have a support team ready to assist with technical issues 24/7 and there many ways for you to contact the web hosting support team; through live chat, email, or phone calls.

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