What is VPS Hosting?

All you need to know about VPS hosting

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All You Need To Know About VPS Hosting

VPS is the short form for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is one of the most popular web hostings for your website

How do VPS hosting works?

First of all, VPS hosting is using the concept of virtualization technology. From there, it can provide its clients with dedicated or private resources on a server with multiple users. 

Hence the name of the hosting is ‘Virtual Private Server’.

Not only that, VPS hosting works as all of the clients on the server act as if they are on a separate machine, yet in reality, the clients are on one physical machine.  


VPS hosting simulates the environment by cutting down the resources and cost.

The Structure of VPS Hosting

Moreover, in terms of structure, VPS hosting is almost similar to shared hosting. However, the only difference is in terms of resources availability and software. 

What makes VPS hosting is superior compared to shared hosting?

The best VPS hosting offers more resources, such as:

  • Memory
  • Computing power
  • Running CPU
  • Graphic-intensive software or modules

Besides, the VPS hosting has a proper guarantee on every resource that the client used. 

Above all, the concept of more than one client on the server of the best VPS hosting is similar to the best shared hosting, while the concept of separating the clients virtually on the sharing server, is similar to the best dedicated hosting.

The Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting


1. Options on Customization

First, majority of the VPS plan can simply be customized to meet with your needs. 

In other words, you could only pay for the features that you need and you don’t need to deal with the other feature that you don’t need. 

Moreover, in VPS hosting, you will be getting your own operating system. By that, it will give more control to each of the websites on the server. 

Not only that, each website can install any application or software as per their requirements and also customize the various server application as it would not disrupt or affected other websites, despite using the same server.


1. Requires More Time

Running a virtual private server will cost you more time compared to the other web hosting

First of all, when you first purchase your server, you are required to manually configure all the services and the and additional features.

How long does the initial configuration take?

In short,

  • Few hours for someone who is experienced
  • Few days for inexperienced people.

Moreover, the struggle does not stop there. 

After the initial configuration, you will have to update the server software occasionally, along with modifying the changes in the configuration files. 

Last but not least, if something went wrong with the server, you will be needed to dedicate your time in fixing the issues yourself.

2. Better Privacy and Security

Secondly, the advantage of using VPS hosting for your website is having better privacy and security.


Based on the previous point, you will be getting your own operating system and not shared with other websites.

Hence, other websites will never have access to your website, despite using the same server. 

Above all, better privacy and security.

2. Technical Knowledge is Required

Secondly, despite VPS hosting using an almost similar concept to shared hosting and dedicated hosting, yet VPS hosting requires more technical knowledge in keeping the server running smoothly.  

Not only that, you are in control of your server, which means you have to set up your server from the ground. 

However, you may do some online research or hire an expert to solve your problem, yet your lack of knowledge still might cause you difficulties in the future. 

Next, the support team from the hosting provider is specifically on solving problems such as:

  • Networking issues
  • Billing problems
  • Unable to access to your virtual private server

In short, any other problems from the inside of your server is generally your own concern.

3. Dedicated Resources for Your Site

Next, in the best VPS hosting, each website will be getting a dedicated amount of resources that had been allocated by the web host.

Not only that, each of the resources that had been allocated will never be used by other websites on the server. 

As a conclusion, the performance of your website would not be affected or depends on what other websites are doing with their resources on the server that had been allocated by the web host.

3. Improper Division of Resources 

Third, some of the web hosts that offer VPS hosting might allocate the resources unfairly. 

Moreover, this could lead to a major problem when one particular site used its resources up to the peak level. 


The web host may over sold its space and resources, probably considering that each account on the server would not use its allocate resources.

But the problem occurs when they do use up all the resources and it might cause a problem to the other sites on the server. 

The possibilities of sites crashed simultaneously on a server?

Not a good sign.

The VPS Hosting Aspects:

1. Performance

First of all, despite the best VPS hosting companies is using the same concept as the shared hosting especially in having more than one client on the server, yet VPS hosting has much better performance. 

Not only that, the best VPS hosting in Malaysia, the clients are given a dedicated amount of RAM and access to other server resources in a short amount of time. 

Besides, the VPS hosting also allows for root access whereby the client can simply remove the additional service on the system to:

  • Have better performance
  • Reduce memory and CPU usage
  • Adjust the configuration files (that can affect the performance)

What’s the benefit of root access?

  • The ability to install custom software that is required by your application without seeking a provider with the specific software
  • It allows you to remove and customize all of the configuration files that fit with your needs. 
  • Disable any services that you don’t need
  • Configure advanced settings for the software that is running

2. Security

Secondly, the best VPS hosting companies in Malaysia are providing the best privacy and security as the OS (Operating System) is not being shared with other websites

In other words, no one can have access to your website. 

However, it is really important for you to know that the service and feature of VPS hosting will be different from one service provider to another. 

For instance, if you are operating an unmanaged VPS hosting that mainly deals with sensitive data and private information, you must want to keep your website as secure as possible. 

Here are the proper steps and protection that can be taken for an unmanaged VPS:

  • Audit your server
  • Keep everything updated, and make backups often
  • Make sure the SSH configuration is secured
  • Remain vigilant against the most common security threat

After all, as the server administrator, you should ensure that the information you are dealing, stays securely in your hands.

3. Scalability

Next, as the platform of VPS hosting is being done virtually, it increases the level of scalability for a website.

Furthermore, with the virtual environment, it is more natural to scale up compared to the other web hosting. 

Not only that, as the virtual private server is virtual, the provider can simply adjust the:

  • Amount of dedicated RAM
  • Hard drive space
  • Bandwidth
  • Other allocated resources

For instance, if the client is only using one portion of the resources on the server, then those resources can simply be allocated without the need for any changes on the software. 

In addition, with additional customizable features on the VPS hosting, it helps you to scale up more quickly and easily. 

Above all, if you predict that you will eventually need to scale up to meet with the demand, the investment on VPS hosting might be worth in the future.

4. Price

Last but not least, the pricing concept for the best VPS companies in Malaysia are as similar to other paid service, whereby more expensive plan will offer more premium features.

Example of premium features on VPS hosting:

  • Ultimate hardware
  • Entreprise data backup
  • Free migration assistance
  • Double VPS server power
  • The latest Internet Protocol of IPv6 & IPv4 technology
  • Tons of OS templates
The cheapest VPS hosting:
Service provider  Plan Price per month

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VPS-1000HA-S RM82.64
VPS-2000HA-S RM144.66
VPS-3000HA-S RM144.66

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Standard RM78.51
Enhanced RM123.99
Ultimate RM248.02

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Power+ RM136.39
Prestige+ RM190.96
Pinnacle+ RM272.82

Moreover, the best VPS hosting is might not be as cheap as shared hosting, yet if you are looking for a higher-end hosting plan for your business website, then VPS hosting is the one for you.

In conclusion, having VPS hosting as your website plan will be worth especially with the addition of premium features.

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