What Is Shared Hosting?

All you need to know about shared hosting

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All You Need To Know About Shared Hosting

There is one major thing that you need to know about the best shared hosting

Firstly, it is a single server that shares with other websites. 

Hence the name of the hosting is ‘shared’. Not only it shares server, but it also shares all the other resources in the server, such as:

  • Bandwidth
  • Storage

Not only that, it is suitable for all small business that is not expecting to have a high number of visitors and traffic to their business website. 

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First thing first, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of shared hosting before you decide whether it is the best choice for you or not.

The Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting


1. Affordable

Firstly, shared hosting is affordable compared to other website hosting in Malaysia

But then, what makes it cheap?


The resources of a single server are being “shared” with other large numbers of accounts. Hence, the name of web hosting is shared hosting.  

If you are running a small website such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal with 5000 visits per day, best shared hosting is the one for you. 

On the other hand, you need to keep in mind that, once you started to stand out from the other server by using more server resources, you will be receiving a call from the hosting company that asking you to upgrade your web hosting or they will simply turn you off if you refused. (based on Terms of Service).


1. Sharing Resources

In the first place, as you are using a server that meant to be shared with others, it means that it is slightly cheap (well, that is a good thing). 

But then, here comes the real disadvantage for the single server with high number of websites. 

Besides, there’s not much that you can use as you are sharing the resources with others.

For instances, if other websites are experiencing a major spike on traffic, your site might be the one who experienced the consequences. 

The consequences?

Your website might be having inferior performance such as unresponsive or sluggish, due to the server that comes under strain. 

Above all, you will start to see the effect of limited resources on sharing servers as the website traffic grows.

2. Manageable and Convenient

Next, when it comes to shared hosting you don’t really have to know any technical terms or knowledge for you to handle your site as the best shared hosting company in Malaysia would be the one who managing everything such:

  • Monitoring the server
  • Providing protection
  • Technical needs

You don’t need any database or PHP knowledge. Not only that, all popular web software can simply be installed with a single click. 

After all, with the advancement of technology, you can get unlimited resources even on the shared servers.

In other words, you don’t really need an upgrade for most of the businesses.

2. Exposed to Security Vulnerabilities

Secondly, as you are using the server that shared with other sites, it means that you have your own ‘neighbor’. 

Unfortunately, not all of your neighbor has the latest security updates on their websites. 

The security vulnerabilities on your website:
  • Might be exposed to hackers 
  • The possibilities of being exposed to a malicious script

Moreover, even if your website has a different kind of security features, your risk profile will increase as you are in close proximity with other high-risk websites. 

In other words, from the security point of view, little caution might be required considering the increasing number of cybercrime.

3. Options of Customization

Additionally, even though you are using a sharing server, you also will have the ability to customize certain parts of your website that suits your needs.

Not only that, you can experience proper website customization on your website’s brands and technical needs.

3. Insufficient Customization

After that, the shared hosting company will provide you with enough environment to install WordPress or other popular CMS, such as:

  • Joomla
  • ModX
  • Drupal

But then, it only provides up to the default configuration and doesn’t really allow you to modify the system to tweak with your website performance. 

In other words, you are not really the boss for your own website.

The Shared Hosting Aspects:

1. Performance

Firstly, the performance of shared hosting is absolutely fine if your website is a small business website with a low volume of visitors, such as, 

  • Startup websites
  • Small online businesses
  • Newly formed organization bodies

However, be wary with a sudden increase of visitors on a certain website as it will impact your website performance

2. Security

Secondly, the shared hosting might not be as secure as the other types of web hosting such as VPS hosting or even Dedicated hosting. However, if proper steps and protection can be done, it can be as secure as it should be.

Proper steps and protection that can be taken:
  • Make regular backups 
  • Keeping your site clean
  • Password protection
  • Store sensitive information offline
3. Scalability

Thirdly, before selecting the scalability for the shared hosting to your website, you need to identify the ambition or the objective of your website. 

Next, you are planning on having a small business website with only a few hundreds of visitors per week and you don’t really plan on scaling up too much, then the best shared hosting is the perfect one for you. 

Therefore, as mentioned before, it is really suitable for personal sites or small startups.

4. Price

First of all, you need to know that different hosting has different tiers of pricing. 

In addition, the more expensive plan that you go for, the more features that you will receive.

Additional features:
  • Resource 
  • Security
  • Performance
The cheapest shared hosting:
Service provider  Plan Price per month

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Hatchling Plan RM11.21
Baby Plan RM16.10
Prime Plan RM24.26 

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Basic Plan RM11.30 
Plus Plan RM22.39 
Prime Plan RM22.39 

(Click here to read A2 Hosting reviews)

Lite Plan RM16.05 
Swift Plan RM20.06 
Turbo Plan RM38.12 

Moreover, the best shared hosting is great for personal websites and startup businesses who are only looking for online presence. 

In conclusion, the shared hosting is undeniable cheaper compared to the other website hosting.

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