What is Dedicated Hosting?

All you need to know about dedicated hosting

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All You Need To Know About Dedicated Hosting

First of all, dedicated hosting means that you will be getting a single server only for your website and not being shared by other websites or anyone else. 

Hence the name of the hosting is ‘dedicated’, as the resources from the server will solely be dedicated to you. This concept is totally contrast compared to VPS hosting and shared hosting as one server is being shared with more than one website. 

The dedicated hosting concept

By right, you can simply understand the concept this way, 

Probably, you surely know the difference between renting an apartment and owning a house. With the best dedicated hosting company in Malaysia, you can simply customize your own house with what you want and simply remove what you don’t. 

Furthermore, with dedicated hosting, you will be having full control of the server in giving you chances to customize the website as you wish. Typically, the dedicated hosting is used by a large website whereby it receives millions of traffic within a short amount of time.








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How dedicated hosting works?

By right, dedicated hosting is physical and extensive. 

Let’s think this way,

Imagine a super huge personal computer where it has the ability to compose:

  • numerous microprocessor
  • RAM
  • Hard drive

– and so much more.

Besides, the best dedicated hosting server is specifically designed to handle large amounts of information.

Therefore, dedicated hosting is a grand scale size computer, that is working only for you. 

How To Know If You Need Dedicated Hosting?
  • Website is loading too slow
  • The website is running out of storage space
  • Worried about vulnerability to hackers

The Pros and Cons of Dedicated Hosting


1. More Resources

In the first place, as you already understand the concept of dedicated hosting whereby the server solely belongs to your website, the same goes to the resources on the server.

Not only that, all the resources on the server are yours alone and not being shared by anyone else. 

In short, you will be having more resources in dedicated hosting compared to the other web hosting.


1. More expensive 

Next, after knowing additional features that will be getting from the dedicated hosting such as:

– it is no longer a surprise if the dedicated hosting price is the most expensive compared to the other hosting, such as:

However, if your website requires extra performance and more resources, then it is worth the extra cost.

Above all, before selecting the best web hosting, it is really important for you to know the type of web hosting that is best for your business website.

2. Options on Customization

Furthermore, as you are owning the best dedicated hosting for yourself, you have the full freedom and capacity to use it as you like. 

Besides, you can simply install additional programs that you need and other digital expansion without the need to consider running out of resources or the performance of your website.

In other words, the dedicated hosting company in Malaysia provides you greater flexibility compared to the other web hosting server.

2. Requires Technical Knowledge

Secondly, the dedicated hosting can be difficult if you are not experienced in using the server. 

Technical knowledge is required for:

  • Installing the software
  • Daily maintenance
  • Daily tasks
3. Increase in Security

Last but not least, the best dedicated hosting is very secured due to the fact that it is not being shared by other website users. 

This means a lot of potential risks are eliminated. 

For instance on a shared server, if one of the sites was hacked, all the other accounts on the same server have a really high potential to be hacked as well. 

However, with the dedicated hosting as having your own server, you could simply eliminate these possible threats. 

In conclusion, with the best dedicated hosting, there is no possible security threat from the neighboring website because there is no neighbor. 

3. Requires Additional Monitoring

Thirdly, despite having the full control for your server is great, yet it is high in risk. 

For instance, the major risk that might happen is when you accidentally delete the most important information on your website and you do not have any backups for it.

That’s a total nightmare. 

Not only that, even your web hosting has the ability to take care of the aspect of security, yet when it comes to the internal server, you will be in charge to ensure your server is secure.  

In other words, you are in charge of full installation of security features such as:

  • Firewalls
  • Virus detectors

Above all, daily and additional monitoring is required to look out for any accidental errors that might ruin the website security and performance.

The Dedicated Hosting Aspects:

1. Performance

As a matter of fact, with one of the best dedicated hosting companies in Malaysia, you are the one who determines the level of your website’s performance from the management of the server. 

After all, as the only user on the server, you controlled the system resources and hardware configuration. 

Typically you would simply choose features that you prefer in controlling the system resources and hardware configuration, such as:

  • HDD or SDD storage
  • The number of processors
  • The operating system 

Not only that, the server performance on dedicated hosting is highly customizable for its user.

2. Security

Another, compared to the other web hostings such as shared hosting and virtual hosting, dedicated hosting is the most secure.

After all, the best dedicated hosting would usually include the DDoS protection as well as IP address blocking to increase the security level on its server.

Besides, most of the dedicated hosting would also include RAID storage or a redundant array of independent disks. 

What is the purpose of RAID?

The RAID will ensure all of your data is safe and simply can be recovered from more than one location.

3. Scalability

Thirdly, among the other hostings, the scalability feature on dedicated hosting is the most attractive feature.

Scalability means the ability and the opportunity for the future growth of the website in terms of:

  • Software packages
  • Incoming and outgoing bandwidth usage
  • Disk storage needs
  • Database growth
  • Processing power

The scalability of the hosting needs the ability of:

  • Handling more traffic
  • Transaction processing
  • Maintaining data storage performance

Moreover, most of the dedicated hosting server has the ability to be scaled up and down quickly and some of the dedicated web hosting service provider offers automated or dynamic scalability whereby the server monitors will immediately adjust the required resources based on the website needs itself.

Besides, this kind of scalability comes with its purpose, as to avoid the downtime to your website that is caused by:

  • A sudden influx of traffic 
  • An excessive amount of application usage (bandwidth or processor)
4. Price

Last but not least, all of this comes with its price. 

Most noteworthy, the best dedicated hosting will always be more expensive than VPS hosting and shared hosting. Not only that, the dedicated hosting is 15 to 20 times more expensive than shared hosting.

However, with the increased element of:

  • Performance
  • Control
  • Versatility

– it will be worth it for a larger site

The cheapest dedicated hosting:
Service provider  Plan Price per month

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Unmanaged Flex Server RM411.56
Discount SSD Server RM534.33
Managed Flex Server RM583.05
Core Flex Server RM583.05

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Standard RM330.56
Enhanced RM413.21
Ultimate RM495.86

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Value Server RM491.73
Power Server RM574.38
Enterprise Server RM615.66

Lastly, despite you are needed to pay a hefty price on dedicated hosting, it will be worth it when you are investing a serious amount of capital and time into your business. 

Consequently, when you know you will be needing dedicated hosting for the future growth of your website, be prepared to pay for it.

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