What is Cloud Hosting?

All you need to know about cloud hosting

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All You Need To Know About Cloud Hosting

The first thing that you need to know about the best cloud hosting is, it is almost similar to VPS hosting.

The difference between cloud hosting and VPS hosting are only on:

  • the number of servers 
  • the resources

The VPS hosting mainly relies on a single physical server, whereby the cloud hosting is based on several servers and the virtual resources that are being shared on several computer servers, that work together in creating a large virtual network or also known as “cloud”. 

Hence the name of the web hosting is cloud hosting. 

Moreover, the best cloud hosting is suitable for all needs. 





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The Website Development

Next, for the development of your business website, if you are planning towards better growth and evolve, choosing the cloud hosting for your website probably would be a great idea. 

Not only that, with limitless resources compared to the shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting, you don’t really have to worry about your site being crashed due to a sudden surge in traffic. 


This is because, if one of your servers failed, your website would not be crashed as well, as it can still use other resources from other cloud servers.   

Last but not least, cloud hosting is one of the most reliable web hostings.

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Hosting


1. Almost Unlimited Storage

Firstly, storing information on the cloud hosting server will give almost unlimited storage capacity. 

Hence, you don’t really have to worry about running out of the data storage space or even increasing your current storage availability. 

Not only that, the cloud hosting storage can be added as needed.

In other words, the storage is on-demands whereby you only just have to pay on what you need.


1. Storage Availability and Cost

Next, the majority of the business website need to limit the data that can be stored in the cloud, due to:

  • Storage availability
  • Cost

This because the availability of the storage will be running out after some time.

Hence it is ‘almost unlimited storage’.

As the concept is pay-as-you-need, the cost might be high because you will keep increasing the amount of capacity for your website.

2. Easy Access to Information

Secondly, once you register your website on the best cloud hosting of the cloud storage system, you can simply access the information from anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection.

That’s what we called as flexible accessibility.

Moreover, this feature is very convenient as it allows you to move beyond the time zone and geographic location issues.

In addition, you don’t really have to carry a physical storage device or use the same computer in retrieving your data or information. 

Not only that, with the proper storage system, you would have the ability to allow other people to access your data and simply change the personal project to the collaborative effort.

The summary on the advantage of the best cloud hosting in easy access to information:
  • Flexible accessibility
  • Move beyond the time zone and geographic location issue
  • No physical storage device required
  • Collaborative online project
2. Prone to Technical Issues

Despite it is true that the information on the cloud storage system can simply be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection, yet there are times whereby the system can simply have some major dysfunction. 

Furthermore, you need to be aware that this kind of technology has a really high possibility for issues such as:

  • Prone to outages
  • Technical issues

Not only that, even with the best hosting service provider from the best cloud hosting company in Malaysia, you will also be experiencing this issue despite keeping up a high standard on maintenance.

Besides, you also will be requiring a very good internet connection, for you to log into the server at all times. 

Above all, you invariably will be stuck because of the connectivity problems and network.

The summary on the disadvantage of the best cloud hosting in prone to technical issues:
  • Prone to outages
  • Issues on technical
  • Require a good internet connection to access.
3. Backup and Recovery

Next, since all of the data and the information is being stored in the cloud storage system, the process of backing up and restoring will be relatively easier compared to restore and back up information in the physical storage device. 

Not only that, most of the best cloud hosting service providers are usually competent enough in restoring all of the information.

By that, it makes the entire process of backup and recovery much easier and simpler rather than using the traditional method of data storage that completely relying on the physical storage devices.

3. Security in the Cloud

One of the major issues that mainly related to the best cloud hosting is security issues. 

Before choosing this hosting, you should know that you are required to surrender your company’s sensitive information to the third-party of the best cloud hosting service provider in Malaysia.

By that, you should know that you are putting your company’s confidential information at risk

As a conclusion, you need to select the best hosting service provider from the best cloud hosting company in Malaysia with the most reliable features in keeping your information secured.

The Cloud Hosting Aspects:

1. Performance

Firstly, the best cloud hosting has the ability to adjust on the resources up and down as needed, making it one of the most flexible web hostings and more financially attractive system. 

Not only that, the cloud hosting server can run on a hypervisor

What is hypervisor?

Hypervisor or the virtual machine monitor (VMM) is a computer software that creates and runs virtual machines. 

The role of hypervisor:
    • Control the capacity 
    • Allocate the capacity where/when it is needed accordingly

– with the use of an operating system

In short, cloud hosting has the ability to adjust your resources based on the amount of traffic that your site is getting. 

Next, the best cloud hosting also offers more redundancy.

Besides, redundancy in the cloud server ensures your website will have the ability to retrieve the information at any given time despite having unplanned issues that may arise. 

In other words, if one of the cloud servers fails, the other servers will replace it immediately.

2. Security

Secondly, when it comes to security, the cloud hosting service provider will be taking care of the issue that related to security, to ensure that the client has the smoothest website without having the thought of worrying about the security-related issues and simply focus on their website’s content.

However, the security of cloud hosting is secured yet not impenetrable. 

As your website might be spread across multiple servers, it means that you still share it with other websites.

In other words, your website still will have the possibility to be at risk if one of the sites on your server is being compromised.

3. Scalability

Thirdly, it is really important for you to look for a web hosting that can grow together with your website. 

First of all, you need to know that cloud hosting in nature is huge in scale. After all, your site’s resources come from different servers, so you can simply max out and pick up the resources from another. 

Not only that, you only need to pay for what you used. Meaning that you don’t really need to sign up for an expensive plan if you don’t need it at the moment. 

By that, cloud hosting is ideal for a growing website due to its flexibility in scalability.

4. Price

Last but not least, the pricing concept for cloud hosting can be slightly tricky as it works on pay-as-you-used. 

However, we can simply say that it has a financially attractive system. 

For instance, when your server is demanding on having more resources, the cloud hosting will automatically increase the capacity to meet the demand, without having to pay for this capacity permanently. 

The concept of payment is similar to the heating bill:

You use what you need

(when you need)

You pay what you used


This is because the payment is not permanent and only applied on specific duration of time

The cheapest cloud hosting:
Service provider  Plan Price per month

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Entry Plan RM20.70
Mid Plan RM41.41
Elite Plan RM62.11

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Starter Plan RM45.34
Performance Plan RM66.06
Prime Plan RM86.75

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Plan 1 RM18.63
Plan 2 RM49.69
Plan 3 RM178.95

Technically, it is impossible to know the exact amount on how it cost unless you are being in charge of the final monthly fee. 

Above all, if you are looking and need a flexible hosting that is capable of adapting to the growth of your website, then cloud hosting is the one for you. 

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