Web Hosting Service Provider

Further understanding on the concept of web hosting service provider

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What Is Web Hosting Service Provider?

You might get confused with the terms of web hosting, web hosting service provider or web host and website or web page.

No worries, we will explain it to you.

Basically, web hosting is a platform of service to build a website or web page on the Internet.

However, with the additional support from web hosting service provider, it can serve the additional technologies and services for the website to get better viewed and accessibility on the Internet.

Let’s take it this way,

web hosting     +     web hosting service provider     =     website/web page

                                                                  Platform            +                              Business                               =     Better view on the Internet

                                       (build website and webpage)            (technologies and services)                                        Yay!


The important aspect of web hosting service provider:

1. Space

Space or storage

Different companies of the top hosting service provider in Malaysia offer different sizes of space or storage.

Space or storage for a web hosting service provider is really important especially for the long run of the website development and growth. This is because it is expected that the website space has the possibility to expand its size 3-4 times bigger than its original size.

If you consider the long run improvement for your website development and growth, you should consider the aspect of space on the web host.

2. Speed

Speed or uptime

The other important aspect of web hosting companies in Malaysia that you should consider is speed and uptime.  

Web host that has high speed and the uptime is the best web host of all time. After all, the quality of the web host depends on the speed and uptime of the website.

Not only that, the speed and uptime of your website can make a difference for your website traffic and page views.

High speed and uptime can ensure the people to visit your website again and increase your website’s page view.

Low speed and downtime, people would simply make one trip on your website and not visit your website again. Hence, a low website’s page view.

The worst case?

Your website will be experiencing high number of bounce rate and that is never a good sign for your website’s traffic, profits and revenue.






3. Support

Technical and customer support

It is really important for you to choose the top web host companies that prioritize their technical and customer support.

In knowing the efficiency of their customer support, you can simply contact their customer support and examine the level of their responsiveness and availability.

Criteria of web hosting service provider with good technical and customer support:

  • High level of responsiveness
  • Availability 24/7
  • Live chat support


Now you already know what is web hosting service provider and the important aspect of web hosting service provider.

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