Web Hosting Problems and Solutions

Acknowledge the problem, implement the solution

Before you read this, have you read: What is a Web Hosting Service Provider?

The problem of Web Hosting and its Solution

With the improvement of digital technology through the Internet that is spreading globally, more and more business is coming ahead towards establishing and improving their online presence. However, in the process of developing a website, it is really important to select the right web hosting for the sake of long term website in the future.

After all, high number of web hosting companies in Malaysia nowadays, give really high assurance and claim on every web hosting that they provided.

But, does it really works or just additional claims to make them seem better than others?

It is really important for you to know that choosing the ideal web hosting is crucial as it determines the success of your business website and online brand recognition.

The problem and solution of web hosting


1. Low navigation speed and website loading

Your website is experiencing downtime.

In getting more traffic to your website, it is important to have high navigation speed within your website. Web hosting is the main element that related to the navigation speed to the website.

If the website is taking too long with low navigation speed, here are the consequences:

  • The tendency in getting fewer users
  • Low number on search result engine
  • Majorly impact on the number of visitors to the website
  • Low website’s brand recognition
  • Fewer profits and revenue

After all, people nowadays have very little patience, especially for a slow loading website.

In other words, every few seconds of delay, you are losing your visitors.



2. Low level of security

Possibility of hacking of database and identity theft.

Security is one of the most important element to the web hosting especially if your website is an ecommerce website whereby your website contains your customers’ personal information and the transaction process is being performed every day.

For example, if your website is an ecommerce website, it is really important for your website to reflect proper security and trust for your customers to ensure their purchasing process is safe and secured.

Not only that, sometimes the web hosting would simply give a false sense of security to their users and that is never a good sign.

If your website already has the signed of being hacked, it shows that your web hosting is not providing the level of security as it should be.





3. Low support

Low technical and customer support.

If your website happens to encounter problems and technical glitches, you should contact the technical or customer support immediately.

However, what if it is not as responsive as it claimed?

The most common issues:

  • Unanswered phone call
  • Unresponsive on urgent emails
  • Getting vague answer on your complaints

It is really important to reach their support promptly and resolved the issues, especially if it is related to business.

For the long run of your ecommerce website, website problems can lead to losing sales and customers.


Solution 1: 

Identify the location of data centers.

Relocate the data centers closer to users’ websites, to increase the website speed.

Solution 2: 

Contact with the support team

It is mainly related to network latency. Network latency is the term to indicate the delay on the website navigation.

Contact the support team of the web host towards the improvement of website navigation speed.

Solution 3:

Check the availability of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The CDN will enable the cached version to be available at an optimized speed. Hence, it will improve the speed, despite having people visit your website from every part of the world.


Major improvements in security features need to be done.

Solution 1:

Provide security service of two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication or also known as 2FA is corresponding with the terms of “two steps verification”.  

The common procedure for two-factor authentication:

  • Regular username/password verification
  • Authentication code sent to your phone

The purpose of two-factor authentication is to avoid any unauthorized parties, and making it complicated for them to access and log in, into your website.

Solution 2:

Provide backup service

To ensure your web hosting will not lose any important data especially during the hacking or even the recovering data phase.

Sometimes, certain web hosting companies do provide automatic backups according to a certain period of time.


If the top web hosting companies in Malaysia claimed to be 24/7 of availability and highly responsive.

Here’s the trick that you can do:

  • Try to contact them late at night or during the weekend. (Do not make a prank call.)
  • Make an inquiry on the hosting package or other related issues that you are concerned with.
  • Observed their responses and given answers.

If they have the ability to give a proper and clear answer, then that is a very good sign for your web hosting.  

Solution 1:

Make a proper complaint to the company before further action being taken.

Take consideration of the purchasing agreement and customer service policy.

You could ask them to resolve the issues quickly or asking them for service compensation.

Solution 2:

Change the web hosting company

This might seem drastic, yet towards the long run of your website.

You need to do, what you are supposed to do.


Bear in mind that, it doesn’t matter how good your business is, how amazing your product or your content its if your website constantly runs into problems, it means nothing to your website.

Before risk your web hosting good momentum, it is really important for you to acknowledge every potential problem and how you can do to solve it without ruining the integrity of the website.

Acknowledge the problem, implement the solution.

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