The Top 5 Common Website Mistakes

Know the common mistakes on a website that might ruin the website’s development

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First of all, to have a successful website with successful online availability requires a lot of elements that are needed to be working together in harmony. Not only that, your website will be having better SEO ranking, once you manage to have a consistent online presence. 

But first, ask yourself.

“Is my website good enough?”

If your answer is a total no or you are hesitating to answer that, then your website is not completely ready to meet with the online Internet community. 

Here are the top common mistakes when developing a website. 

If you can identify any that are on your website, you should check your website all over again and avoid making such a mistake.


Common Mistakes For Website

Mistake 1: Not Mobile-friendly

Firstly, we clearly had already passed the point whereby people are using desktop for browsing the Internet. Nowadays, people are relying on using a smartphone for mobile Internet browsing.

However, there are still a lot of business websites that do not have a mobile-friendly website. In fact, based on the research that had been made, in 2018 the number of people browsing the Internet by using a smartphone is 58% compared to 42% that are using through desktop or laptop. 

Obviously, this is a critical fact for all business websites.

Not only that, Google has clearly stated that websites with mobile-friendliness are one of the factors for better search ranking. 

In other words, if your targeted customers are looking for a particular service on their smartphones and they encountered your website. Just imagine their impression looking at your not mobile-friendly website with a clutter layout, it only requires them less than a second to leave your website and look for another website. 

Not having a chance to convert your website’s visitors to a customer? 

That’s a total bounce rate for your website. 

So what you can do?

The very first thing that you could do is to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. 

After all, there are many options for you to look at, such as:

1. Responsive Website Design (RWD)

RWD is a way that allowing one website to be compatible with any type of browser screen as it responds to the type of screen and presents to it accordingly.

2. Responsive WordPress Theme (RWT) 

RWT is a flexible foundation that adapts your website to mobile devices or any other viewing environment. 

3. Mobile Website Builder

It creates a basic and side by side version to your website.

Mistake 2: Lack of Content

Secondly, lack of content on their website especially in attracting their website’s visitors to a specific page. 

However, here is a trick for a website that is providing more than one service. One of the ways for the business to increase the number of pages for their website is by expanding its page service. 

For instance, if you are a website development company that provides services such as web design, web development, mobile application and SEO. Rather than hide these services under the “Services” page, it would be better if you create a specific page for each of the services. 


Page #1: Services    Page #1: Web Design

Page #2: Web Development

Page #3: Mobile Application

Page #4: SEO

Besides, in that way you are not only expanding the search net wider by providing Google specific keywords, but also directing visitors to a specific page on your website.

Mistake 3: Poorly Optimized Pages

Thirdly, one of the major differences between the top ranking websites and low ranking websites is the website pages optimization. 

After all, website pages optimization is a common aspect that simply would be overlooked by most of the business website owners. 

By adding basic stuff such as including a location and service provided in a “Page Title” would make a huge difference. 

Not only that, by including keywords at the Page Title Element on the Headings in every single page or your website would also help in optimizing your website better. 

Next, always pay attention to the internal links and make sure that you are linking the page to another page on the website. You can also use the keywords as the anchor texts that link between one page to other pages.

How to optimize the website page?

1. Create a page title

Having keywords based on the page title helps to enhance the page theme and the direction of the keywords.

2. Create meta tags

The meta tags description can improve the click-through-rate of a website, even though it can’t be used directly for the website’s ranking.

3. Include keywords

Keywords are very important for every business website as it drives targeted web traffic to your business website for FREE. Not only that, inserting some targeted keywords for your website will be an investment worth making.

4. Internal links

The purpose of inserting internal links for your website is to develop a connection between the website’s content. After all, it also provides Google the idea on the structure of your website by using the Google bot that crawls in your website starting from the homepage to the other pages through internal links. 

5. Localization

Localization on the website is really important especially in adapting the website’s content to a specific region of audiences. After all, it is one of the alternatives to make the readers feel the website is within their proximity, hence it will increase their buying power. 

Mistake 4: Slow Load Speed

Website Load Speed: it is the basic measure of how fast your website loads.

Why the speed of the website is important?

1. Users prefer a faster website

Firstly, users nowadays prefer faster websites. In short, even with a short delay on the website, it can result in huge sales loss especially if you are an e-commerce website. 

2. More users are accessing websites through mobile

Secondly, as has been mentioned before on the very first point whereby more users are accessing websites and browsing the Internet through their mobile phones. In other words, mobile browsing has already overtaken desktop browsing. 

Not only that, if your website is already slow on the desktop site, imagine how it will load on the mobile site. Besides, with a not mobile-friendly website, the visitors of your website will experience a solid excruciating struggle and will simply leave your website in a blink of an eye. 

3. Google prioritizes website with high speed

Lastly, Google will simply include the website speed as one of the ranking factors. Besides, having a high-speed website will give you a slight advantage compared to other slower website competitors. 

Hence, one of the most common mistakes for a website is when the website owner simply overlooked the importance of website speed to their online visitors.

Mistake 5: No Content Strategy

Last but not least, most of the business website will include a blog page on their website in creating content that is promoting the website. 

However, majority of the website’s owners will simply overlook the content strategy aspect on their blog page content. Having a content strategy on your website will indeed take a lot of time, especially in creating and promoting the content, yet it will be worth the time investment. 


Easy, that’s because most of the websites that create consistent content will have the capability to outrank their competitors.

But how?

Firstly, you need to know who is your audience. 

Secondly, you need to know the main service of your business.

Thirdly, put yourself in your visitors’ shoes.

By that, you can know what your audience is looking for on your website and help them to understand your business better. 

However, don’t simply cramp all the content on one single page, if it is needed, you can create a separate page such as:

  • About us
  • Services Provided
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page 

Next, if possible you should also have a publishing schedule to ensure the article posting on your blog page is always consistent. You can also include other media such as images and video to make sure your content will look more interesting and not simply static with written content only. 

Last but not least, you should also optimize your blog content, in achieving maximum SEO benefits from them that include page title (headings), meta tags, keywords, internal links and localization. After all, every content on your website has a long afterlife.


Lastly, take control of your website so that it works well to your business in getting better profit revenue and online brand reputation. Having a mobile-friendly website and a high-speed website are crucial aspects of a website these days. 

As a conclusion, as you already know what are the common mistakes for a website, now it is time for you to renew your website to be suited with the users’ interest and fulfill the specification of an ideal website. 

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