How To Select The Best Web Hosting?

Ensuring that you are selecting the best web hosting

Before you read this, have you read: What Is Web Hosting?

Selecting The Best Web Hosting?

Selecting the best web hosting is one of the most crucial steps before you start to build or even develop a website. Not only that, the most important aspects for an ideal web hosting are the speed, support and security.

Back to the real question, how to select the best web hosting?

How to ensure that you are choosing the perfect website hosting towards the betterment of your website.

Do not worries, we will show you ways on how to pick the most ideal web hosting for your website.

Identify your website’s needs

First of all, similar to the concept of making Nasi Lemak. You need to know the ingredients that are needed in making Nasi Lemak.

For example, the main ingredients would be rice and coconut milk.

This is as developing your website. You need to identify the need for your website.

To start off, you can ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of website am I developing?
  • What features that I want in my website?
  • What supports do I need on my website?
  • How about the number of traffic?
  • Do I need huge storage or normal size storage?

By asking yourself this question, you can know the needs of your website and what you can do in fulfilling the needs of your website.

It also shows that your website already had its own objective.

Selecting The Best Web Hosting

Selecting The Best Web Hosting

Identify the web hosting that suits with your website

By discovering the needs of your website in terms of:

  • Types
  • Features
  • Supports
  • Traffic
  • Size

Now, you can simply proceed on choosing the perfect web hosting, after you already identify the needs of your website.

Here’s the tricky part in selecting your web hosting:

1. The type of business website

There are a few types of business website such as:

E-commerce website

E-commerce website is a website that is selling product or services and it requires more database access because there will be high number of purchasing or transaction process that will be happening on the website.

Branding website

Branding website is a website with the main purpose is towards promoting the brand’s recognition. All the information about the company or product will be included in the website.

Publishing website.

Publishing website is a website that is similar to blogs, newspapers and online magazines. Advertising and sponsored content are the main content for the publishing website in generating the revenue.

E-commerce website is different compared to branding and publishing website because of the concept.

The concept for a website:

Two-ways concept (website > customer > website): E-Commerce website

One-way concept (website > readers): Branding and publishing website.

Hence, we can say that the e-commerce website required high amount of storage to support the additional tools and features.

In conclusion, different websites have different criteria for web hosting that need to be fulfilled.

2. The scale of the business

Identifying the scale of the business website is really important especially in deciding with the suitable web hosting.

Small scale business

Suggested server:

Large scale business

Suggested server:

You are good to go!

Above all, by identifying the core aspects that are needed in selecting the best web hosting, you are already fully-prepared in developing a website with the most suitable features and platform.

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