Mistakes When Selecting Hosting Service Provider

Common mistakes that should be avoided when choosing a hosting service provider

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First of all, many top web hosting companies in Malaysia offer excellent services and amazing features. However, without proper research and right information on what to look for, especially when searching for the best web hosting company, selecting for the best hosting service provider can be challenging.

Besides, selecting for the best hosting service provider is among the most important steps that can be taken in establishing a functional and desirable website. 

Above all, it is really important to remember that choosing a good hosting provider will lead you to a good amount of website’s profit. 

Your choice on hosting service providers is vital to the online success of your website.

Mistakes When Selecting Hosting Service Provider

Mistake 1: Selecting A Free Host

Firstly, selecting a free host does sound tempting as it is great to your wallet, yet everything comes with its disadvantages. 

The downside of using a free host:


Next, in most cases, the reasons why the service is free is because the web hosting service provider would overwhelm your website with their advertisements.

If you are a business website, overwhelm and unrelated advertisement on your website might take away your customers. 

Your customers leave your website at an instant and not coming back?

Not a good sign for your website’s bounce rate.

Long-run issues

Some problems that you may encounter include:

  • Uninvited 3rd party advertisement on your website
  • Slow-loading website speeds
  • Difficulties to scale up your website 

For instance, WordPress.com. It is true that WordPress the best platform in building your website with free hosting options, yet they reserve the right to place any ads on your website. 

In short, by using a free host, you need to sacrifice the control of your website and might lose some of the quality of the website that you are looking for.

Mistake 2: Not Reading Hosting Reviews

Secondly, it will be easy to find a hosting service package without doing much research. 

However, does the package is already good enough for the long run of your website? 

Think twice.

Moreover, in getting ideas on which hosting companies will be giving the best service for you, you just need to read the reviews. 

Make proper research on:
  • Company background
  • Customer review
  • Feedback
  • Complaints

In addition to, by getting an insight on the reviews will give you a crystal clear idea on what is your opinion on certain web hosting service company. After all, that is also the importance of hosting provider review, in giving an unbiased opinion on the pros and cons of each web hosting in the industry. 

Moreover, beware if you encounter with a review that is completely raving, that is a red alert right there. Irrational review that suspiciously praising the web hosting company? 

There is a possibility whereby the vendor of reviews had been paid by the company in giving the brightest and positive reviews on the company. 

In short, make sure the review that you are looking for is completely unbiased and from the technical writers that are experienced in testing out various hosting service provider companies.

Mistake 3: Not Testing Out With The Customer Service

Thirdly, throughout the development of your website, there must be one particular moment whereby you will be needed to contact with the customer service, from the best hosting service provider company in solving issues that you may encounter at that moment.

Low quality of customer support means that you may be left struggling in solving the problem that you are having all by yourself. 

Besides, they might advertise that they do provide 24/7 support (customer or technical), yet that may not be the actual case. Before you simply signing up for with any host, it is really important for you to test out their customer service. 

What you can do is, you can come up with a list of questions about their company that is not on their website and try to contact them at any time, by using all of the options provided, such as:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live chat

Above all, you could simply evaluate the company’s customer service by testing out yourself and read how long does it take for the company to respond to the other users that had been using their service for a longer time.

Mistake 4: Choosing The Wrong Hosting Package

Next, once you already have the specific best hosting service provider in Malaysia for your website, it is really important for you to choose the right package of web hosting service provider

Not only that, you should know the best way of selecting the best web hosting from the type of your website. 

You can know the type of package that suits your website, by identifying the needs of your website, such as:

  • Types
  • Features
  • Supports
  • Traffic 
  • Sizes/scale

For example:

The type of your website:
  • E-commerce website
  • Branding website 
  • Publishing website
The scale of your website:

Small scale business, (suggested server):

Large scale business, (suggested server):

For instance, you are planning on having huge scale business and you are expecting a high number of daily visitors with online traffic to grow quickly, you should not choose the best shared hosting service provider for your website even, it is among the cheapest web hosting. 

The possibility?

Your website might be experiencing a low load page or your website might be taken down by the web server due to an excessive number of traffics with limited resources among other websites on the shared server. 

In short, choose the package that suits the scale and the type of your website toward the betterment of the website long-run.

Mistake 5: Choosing Price over Quality

Lastly, most of the website owners’ beginner would simply choose the cheapest web hosting service in saving up even a single penny and that is a wrong step at the very first.

Furthermore, the first website does not necessarily have to be among the cheapest options. What if you simply choose the cheapest option, yet you end up with not getting the right feature for your website?

After all, most of the cheap web hosting service seems can save your money, yet this deeply discounted price typically come with another price that includes:

  • Functionality
  • Performance 
  • Options

Do you think that you could save up more money from that?

Think twice.

Furthermore, if you want to keep your website running, you have to make sure the web hosting service that you are selecting is reliable and suits. 

After all, most of the cheap web hosting services do not have:

  • Guarantee server uptime
  • Proper support (customer or technical)
  • Proper service
  • Customization for your web presence

As they say, quality comes at a price. A cheap pricing plan may be attractive, but it may not offer the best features that suit your website’s needs.


Last but not least, by avoiding these mistakes, it will ease up the search for an ideal web hosting service provider

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