How To Create An Appealing Website?

5 tips on creating a more user-friendly and attractive website

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Is your website looking too bland? Are you searching for ways to pimp-up its appearance? Worry not. In the following article, I have compiled five handy ways to make your website more striking.


A website is not only comprised of its written content. The way it is presented also plays a major role in whether or not a viewer will keep on scrolling. After all, humans are visual beings.

If you are just starting off in the blogging and web design scene, then it is quite normal for you to wonder how to improve your website. Here are a few tips on how to go about doing so.

Step 1: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

There is a common saying that goes ‘Less is more’ which can be applicable in this case.

When designing your website, try not cluster your pages with too much information. Avoid unnecessary data. It would be best if you focus on your main points. Clear, and organized layouts would make it easier for users to navigate through the site.  




Step 2: A little color can go a long way

Adding color to your website would definitely make it more attractive. My recommendation for start-up web-designers and bloggers in Malaysia would be using WordPress hosting as it is equipped with the necessary themes to embellish your websites. You have the freedom to customize your theme and layout based on the type of information you’re trying to present. For example, let’s say you’re designing a website about love and family, the last thing you should think of doing is choosing a dark and macabre theme.

To add on, you could always refer to one of the many influential blogs in Malaysia for ideas and inspirations. If you are startup web designer or blogger in Malaysia, WordPress Hosting will be perfect for you

Step 3: Everything looks better with pictures

The use of Multimedia on your website can help tremendously in attracting more people. These may include images, graphs, or videos; all depending on the content of your site. Furthermore, using multimedia representation is a great SEO strategy. In 2010 Forrester Research found that websites using videos, rather than simply text-based content, were more likely to show up among the primary results on a search engine. As a result, the website would attract more viewers.

Also, when marketing a product, adding visual representation of the product would raise its credibility.









Step 4: An eye-catching domain name

What is a domain name? It is what you would know as your website’s home address which enables users to effortlessly access your site, for example  More about how to create a domain name can be read in the ‘how to create a domain name’ section.

So how does having a catchy domain name help make your website more appealing?  Well keeping to the “less is more” mantra, having a simple domain name is encouraged because it would be a hassle for the viewer to have to type out and read a wordy and complicated name. If it is easy to memories and almost relevant to your content, then you’re doing a fine job.

Step 5: Consistency

Last, but not least, staying consistent with website updates and posts are a must.  As a beginner you are likely to attract new viewers is by updating consistently.

If you have good content, then the followers should roll in as naturally as waves. Updating the theme and layout of your site from time to time also offers the viewers something new and fresh

A Final Note

At the end of the day, the layout of your choice should depend on the type of content you are publishing. Browse the web, be inspired and don’t be afraid to borrow any ideas that  catch your attention.

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