How To Choose The Best Service Provider?

Ensuring that you are choosing the best service provider

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Choosing The Best Service Provider

First of all, Web Hosting and Web Hosting Service Provider need to come together in having the most ideal website for you and your visitors.

Next, after you already know how to select the best web hosting from the top hosting service provider in Malaysia, now it is the perfect time for you to choose the best web hosting service provider.

Basically, there are three important aspects that need to be looked up in selecting the best service provider.

  • Speed
  • Load Time
  • Customer support

Here we go!

Aspects To Consider In Selecting The Best Service Provider

1. Speed or load time


The rate of speed where the website is downloaded and displayed on the user’s web browser.

The benefits of the high-speed service provider can increase:

  • visitors’ retention
  • readers loyalty
  • user satisfaction

Top 3 service provider with amazing load time:

The importance of speed:

1. Modern Visitors’ Behaviours

The modern visitors nowadays are impatient, and that is a fact.

Besides, your buyers would never want to wait for your website to load.

Considering how they feel and think?

They would not think twice before going to another website.

Usually, people who are searching for online products or services, they are impatient. After all, that’s the reason why they go for online shopping at the very first stem- to cut their time and shorten up their buying time.

However, if your website speed is too low that is never a good sign.

Furthermore, online buyers would not have the patience to simply sit around waiting for your website to load on their smartphone or desk, they want everything immediately.

In other words, the longer you make them wait, the more interest they lose to your website.

2. Website Speed Influence The SEO

Next, Google started to use the site speed as the ranking signal for their algorithm back in 2010 and it continues as the element to determine the position where your website shows up in the search results.

Site speed indicates how quickly your website responds to every web request.

Speed of a website is really important, not only for the website owners but to all internet users as well.

In other words, a fast website creates happy visitors.

After all, Google knows that directing people to slow loading website can negatively impact the user experience, hence it is no surprise that the search engine places the website speed as the most prioritize aspect.

In conclusion, a fast loading website can improve the website SEO as it is essential in assisting the potential customers to interact with your website to enhance your online brand recognition and visibility in the search engine.

2. Uptime or response time


Uptime is the metric that represents the percentage of time for the IT system or device to running successfully. In other words, it refers to when the system is working or operating smoothly without having any technical interference.

In short, website uptime is the time that the website is available for the user on a specific duration of time.


Downtime is the opposite of the uptime. It also refers to the system or service that is not working on a specific duration of time.

Moreover, downtime is also known as idle time.

The benefits of a website with great uptime:

  • Better website ranking
  • Increase the website’s virtual presence
  • Improve online brand’s recognition

Top 3 service provider with the highest uptime:

The importance of uptime:

1. Maintain the website professional image

Firstly, the professional image brand is really important and it is largely dependant to the level of customer satisfaction. The frequent number of downtime can simply jeopardize the reputation of your online business.

By monitoring your website regularly, you can avoid the unwanted hazards in protecting the image of the business.

2. Clients satisfaction

Secondly, to encourage the visitors to visit your website frequently, you need to ensure the uptime of your website is at a high level.

After all, it is one of the ways to ensure your visitors are happy with your website and assist them with the information or service that they are looking for, easily and smoothly.

3. High profit and revenue

Thirdly, frequent downtime issues can lead to loss of sales and leads.

Besides, website uptime is vital for online stores or services.

4. Search Engine ranking

Forthly, you need to know that Google does not prefer websites that are not online.

For example, if your website comes with constant issues of downtime for more than one day, then Google can simply impose the strict ranking penalties in the search engine result.

In shorts, the downtime of your website can negatively impact your website specifically in the aspect of search rankings.

3. Customer support

Customer support:

The concept is similar to customer service at every top website hosting companies in Malaysia with the purpose of assisting the customer in making the cost-effective and correct use of products or services.

Besides, the customer support act as the online interaction between your visitor and the website. The virtual relationship between your website and the customer is really important for the betterment of online brand recognition.

It includes assistance in:

  • Planning
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrading
  • Disposal of a product

Top 3 service provider with great customer support:

The importance of customer support:

1. Improve competitive advantage

First of all, it is pretty obvious that it is really hard to stand out among the other competitors. After all, the number of business rivals are tremendous and keep increasing every single day.

By providing high-quality service of customer support, it can act as the catalyst for your online business to stand out from the others on the aspect of online business competition.

2. Increase conversions and sales

Next, having a real person through the buying-selling process can add confidence and the tendency for your customers to spend more time on your website compared to the other websites with low efficiency of customer support.

Not only that, a positive buying experiencing leads to a higher average order value in improving your sales directly.

3. Build a long-term relationship

Besides, the possibility for your customer to switch the website is less with if your website has high customer support efficiency.

In fact, experts say that the customers will be less concerned about the price that they are paying and be less price-sensitive as they feel a stronger connection on your business.

4. Indicator to customer repurchase and loyalty

Lastly, customer satisfaction is one of the best indicators for a buyer to purchase the product or service.

Moreover, customer support can act as the medium to know customer satisfaction. You can ask your customers to rate the service that is provided your website. By that, it is also one of the alternatives for the improvement of your website customer support towards better efficiency and positive user experience.

After all, identifying customer loyalty and repurchase is one of the major business metrics.


Last but not least, by knowing the core aspects that are required in selecting the best web hosting service provider from every top web hosting company in Malaysia, you are fully prepared in developing a web page with the standard of an ideal website for the betterment of your online business profits and revenue.

As conclusion, having the proper development of a website not only leads to better profits and revenue, but it also can reduce the possibility of bounce rate and increase the conversion rate of a website.

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