Best Hosting Service Provider for SEO

The importance of web hosting service provider in improving the websites’ SEO

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The Importance of Web Hosting Provider to SEO

First of all, Search Engine Optimization or also known as SEO can be considered as one of the most influential online marketing techniques. 

What is the importance of online marketing techniques on a website?

The online marketing technique is really important in improving and enhancing the website’s ranking in various search engines. 

Next, a lot of business owners websites take the best hosting service provider very lightly without realizing the impact on their website’s ranking. Not only that but they also only considered price when selecting the best hosting service provider and that is their biggest mistake. 

Moreover, the expensive hosting service provider does not guarantee that it will boost your website SEO ranking. Therefore it is really important to do proper research in finding the most ideal web hosting service provider to your website as it will offer the best service in fulfilling your website’s needs. 

Above all, you need to remember that you get what you pay, by that, looking for the cheapest web hosting service provider is not your main priority. It is crucial to consider the factor before simply implementing your website into the web hosting provider in having the complete benefits of web hosting service

How to select the most ideal web hosting provider for your website?

That’s when your time spent doing research looking for the best web hosting service provider comes in hand. 

Besides, the easiest way that you can do, is by looking up for reviews on every web hosting provider. Not only that, looking up web hosting reviews is really important as it already stated the pros and cons on each web hosting service provider. 

Hence, you could simply save up your time and money rather than trying each of the websites before selecting the best to your website.

Efficient and effective techniques are what we are looking for.

How Does Web Hosting Provide Affect Your SEO?

1. Speed of Your Website

Firstly, the speed of a website is one of the important factors that mainly affected your website’s SEO ranking.

In providing your visitor with great user experience, you need to have a website that is load quickly. If it takes longer for your website to load, that is a high possibility for visitors to leave your website and move to another website. Hence, the load time of a website is really important. 

Besides, it is really important for you to choose the web hosting service provider that has:

  • High-quality hardware 
  • Quality data centre infrastructure. 

Above all, a website with good speed can simply reduce the possibility of bounce rate and could increase the conversion rate in having better visitors that lead towards better SEO ranking on search engine results.






3. Website’s Security

Thirdly, the best hosting service provider in Malaysia will have the ability to provide your website with the best security. 

What happened to a website with vulnerable security?
  • Loss website’s income
  • Identity theft
  • Bad reputation for business

Furthermore, before choosing the web hosting for your website, you need to consider a few security elements on your web hosting service provider, such as:

  • SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol): secures your online files and protect them from being modified.
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer): SSL certificate encrypts the path between the web browser and the web server in protecting customer’s credit card numbers, banking names and personal information.
  • Backup: regular backup on the server and the website.
  • Server maintenance: to protect the website from security breaches 

After all, having high security for a website is really important in maintaining the reputation of the website and to gain confidence from the website visitors. 

Above all, getting confidence and trust from your website visitors will ensure them to stay on the website and having the ability to convert them into customers in improving the website SEO ranking on search engine results.





2. Availability of Your Website

Secondly, if you simply noticed the ranking of your website is keep decreasing, perhaps the load time or the speed of the website is no longer a problem. 

What you can do is, you could simply check on your website downtime. If your website is having frequent and long downtime, hence your website is having low online availability

Moreover, if your website keeps experiencing low online availability or with constant unavailability, it will be harder for Google or other search engines to discover your website and redirect it to the user.

Hence, website availability is really important for your website, not only to boost your SEO ranking but also to your website reputation. 

Above all, your web hosting provider needs to have the best web hosting in having the fastest server and will have the ability to provide you with 99.99% network uptime towards better SEO ranking.







Best Hosting Service Provider for SEO
1. Uptime

Firstly, the longer your website stays running is one of the main sign of a successful website. After all, Google does not like a website without constant availability or uptime because it wants Internet users to discover a better and high-quality website.

Not only that, if your website is experiencing regular downtime and hardly be accessed by the visitors, Google could simply taken your website down. 

Best for Server Location:
2. Server Location

Secondly, the server location of the website is closely related to the speed of the website. 

After all, the more location of your server, the faster the website loading times and better ranking on the search engine. 

3. Speed

Next, Internet user hates waiting. And that is a fact. If the website keeps loading too long, they would simply leave the website and move to another website with better speed. 

After all, high-speed website could receive better SEO ranking as it improves the users’ experience and Google wants its users to have a good time.

3. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate

Besides, this is the certificate on your website security.

Not only that, Google will simply ignore website that seems untrustworthy, by that proper investment in solid SSL will high likely improve your website search engine rankings.

5. Backups

Next, if your website loses its data due to viruses or even hackers, there’s nothing to be ranked by the search engine. 

Therefore, it is really important to consider the best hosting service provider with backups in saving your website from disaster.

Best for Help and Support: 
6. Help and Support

Lastly, efficient and effective customer support is really important in keeping your website running. 

As similar to uptime or backups, fixing your website issues immediately is really important in maintaining the ranking of your website and its visibility in the search engine. 

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