6 Benefits of Web Hosting Service

Good hosting provider, better website development

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The Benefits of Web Hosting Provider to your Website

You might forget what is the relationship between web hosting service provider to your website?

What makes hosting provider is so crucial towards the betterment of your website?

To answer your questions, the hosting provider is so important to your website as it acts as the server to your website with the addition of technologies and features.

Not only that, with the complement support from the web hosting that acts as the platform, it can help your website to boost its view and better accessibility on the Internet. 

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What are the advantages of having a hosting service provider?

1. Improvement of site performance

First of all, as the hosting provider acts as the server to the website, it can make the performance of your site better than others, especially with its features and support.

Towards the success of your online presence, website performance makes a huge difference.

In addition, to capture the targeted visitors to your website, you only have a few seconds before they change their mind, leave your site and never come back again.

But how?

That’s when your website performance is applied.

Web hosting service provider can improve the performance of the site with:

  • High-quality website

The service provider can improve the speed of your website to ensure your visitors stay longer.

  • High optimization

Having a quality website with a high number of visitors will lead to high search ranking. By that, the service providers can improve the optimization to your website with better search engine rankings and efficient user experience metrics.  

Moreover, getting better views for your website means higher profits revenue and high accessibility to the Internet.

For a business website or e-commerce website, having their website as the customer attraction, that’s what they are looking for.










2. Internal technical support

Secondly, if you’re a startup in the business online field, you should know on the importance of technical support as it is one of the most essential aspects to a website that the majority of online marketers overlook.

This is among the common problems that you might face:

Small technical glitches, can simply shut down your website

it can cause you losing a high number of website traffics

negatively impact your website revenue and profits

Besides, the worst-case-scenario if your website is having technical problems, it leaves the business website hanging indefinitely which is a never good sign for online brand recognition.

Every time your website went offline, that is a major loss in sales.

For a new business website?

That is a total nightmare.

By that matter, the internal technical support from the hosting provider will come to the rescue to help you bring your website back online as quickly as possible.

Your website does not have technical skills?

No worries.

If you do not have technical skills, the hosting provider support from your selected web hosting companies in Malaysia will act as your internal technical team member.












3. The professional domain of email address

Thirdly, for a website, a domain name is really important as it acts as the address to your website.

Hence, it makes your website easy to be discovered by Internet users. Not only that, having a domain name is the first step to do after developing your website through the platform of web hosting as it is also crucial in growing your online brand and the virtual presence of your website.

High-quality service provider:

  • using a personalized email that suits with your domain
  • increase the legitimacy and the credibility of your website
  • a better professional looking website.

Free service provider:

  • domain provided is promoting their service and not yours
  • limitation in terms number of the email of accounts

That possibility may get your website reputation at stake.

Furthermore, the majority of quality service providers from the top website hosting companies in Malaysia will implement the built-in email management tools for your website in easing the process of management, especially if you are an e-commerce business website whereby a high number of database and transaction process will be performed.

The implementation of built-in email management tools:

  • check
  • send
  • receive emails
  • set-up the email forwarders

-in allowing you to have full control of your website email management

With the quality hosting providers, you will not be facing other negative issues to ensure the betterment of your website growth.













4. Better website security

Fourthly, security for your website is one of the most crucial aspects in the development of a website, yet a high number of website owners never really think about it.

Not only that, despite having your website 100% secure, it is almost impossible to predict where the next threat will be coming from. But then, you can still ensure the safety of your website by taking the very first step.

What is the first step in securing your website?

The basic website security starts with the service provider. Furthermore, that’s where all of your confidential databases located

A quality service provider has multiple layers of security that will support your website.

1. Server protection

The protection on the actual physical datacenter

Firewall protection on the server

Website protection from the same server

2. Website security

Locking down the login screen

Installing the spam software

Changing up user permissions

Installing additional security plugins

(to enhance the existing security)

3. Website backups

Possibilities: hacking, loss of data or virus

Auto backups

Restore the previous session

Rather than starting everything from scratch or troubleshoot every little thing.

After all, losing your website data means losing your reputation.

Above all, you will know the quality level of your website from multiple layers of security and protection from the server.

























5. Great uptime with high reliability

How important are uptime and reliability to your website?

Extremely important as they are the aspects of your website success.


The amount of time that the server has stayed up and stay running.

In other words, uptime the measurement for a website on how good their web hosting service provider manages to keep up with their system and keep running.


Reliability is the ability for a website to perform consistently well.

In other words, criteria for a high-reliability website are:

  • Consistent uptime with low downtime
  • Timely communications
  • High protected website

If you are selecting a service provider with high uptime, you need to make sure the claim is valid. If you are lucky, certain hosting service would offer payment credit for every time your site is offline outside from the percentage guarantee.

Besides, hosting service provider with great uptime and high reliability can be extremely beneficial to your website as it will ensure your website to stay online to increase the performance of your website.

In fact, your targeted consumer can’t really purchase your product or service if your website is offline.

Above all, the right service provider can bring a lot of benefits to your website and can improve the online success of your website.











6. Unlimited space for data management

Lastly, you are using a free hosting service provider, usually, you will be getting a fixed amount of bandwidth and space with a high number of limitations as you are sharing with others that are using the same server.

Not only that, it will create a high number of issues especially speed that might tarnish your website performance and reputation.

High-quality service providers will give you options to select any amount of data management space as you require and also simply upgrade or downgrade the space according to the scalability level of your website.

In conclusion, with the unlimited space, it can help in generating the growth of the website traffic that will give a positive impact to your website development and revenue.



Selecting a high-quality web hosting service provider can provide a high number of benefits to your website growth, performance and business.

Last but not least, before simply choosing the best hosting service provider in Malaysia, it is better if you could analyze it first through online reviews or trial package (if the company provides) because compromising the performance of your website and business growth is never an option.

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