10 Facts About Hosting Service Provider

Facts that you need to know about web hosting service provider

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First of all, selecting the best hosting provider is crucial to ensure the proper development of your website. 

In other words, making the right decision on your hosting service provider is the main indicator to know whether your website can continue to survive or not. 

Internet web hosting comes in every shape, sizes that are being offered from a different plan to budget hosting from low to the middle until high enterprise hostings. In short, there are almost limitless offerings on web hosting service provider and the benefits of web hosting service to the website.

Moreover, before you simply proceed in deciding which hosting provider to use, you should make a proper research in knowing the pros and cons on each web hosting provider as that is the importance of hosting provider reviews before you simply waste your time and money for something that is not worth for your website investment. 

Last but not least, selecting the best hosting service provider not only helps in improving the SEO ranking of your website but also maintaining the reputation of your website towards better online income and profit.

Facts About Hosting Service Provider

First, cost is one of the most critical considerations on every hosting service provider. Before you simply purchase the cheapest hosting service provider with the most features, you should consider your budget. 

Not only that, after you know about your budget, it will be easier to evaluate all the hosting service providers that suit with your budgeting. 

Low, Medium or High Price?

Low or budget hosting might seem appealing and a lot of business owners would like to try it. However, keep in mind that if it appeals to you, it will appeal to others as well. Not only that, the host itself can simply target having more than hundreds or even thousands of sites on a single server.

The possibility?

To cause issues to the server would only require one of two sites. 

Not only that, have you ever seen an e-commerce website that is down due to a server problem? That case would be similar to this. Even if your website is doing perfectly fine, yet because of other sites are having issues, you are being affected as well as you are on the same server. 

My advice? Evaluate the offering from the low-cost hosting service provider one more time. 

What to Review in Cost?
  • Overage charges
  • Adding additional features
  • Deploying custom solutions
  • Setup or ongoing fees

Above all, even cost would be one of the major factors, yet selecting the best hosting service provider in Malaysia should not be solely decided on price.  

In short, a cheap price does not mean good value.


For web hosting, support leads to a very broad term.

What do the web hosting service providers support?
  • Hardware needs
  • Server administration
  • Patching
  • Connection to the Internet
  • General maintenance of the system

Next, most of the time, the websites’ owners would decide which technologies are they using for their website such as PHP based, ASP.NET, Java, together with any third party technical solutions. 

It is really important for the owner to know,

What you want to support and your service provider can support?

Here are a few considerations:

 Does your website has;
  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • Ideal response time
  • Live chat or instant message (IM)
  • 24/7 availability

Above all, the support is a huge topic and can simply be varied from one host to another.

Not only that, when you are looking for a top web hosting company in Malaysia, never hesitate to ask them on how do they handle certain cases that mainly related to the support that they had provided.

In a nutshell, support is crucial in keeping the online availability of your website.


Thirdly, it is really important to identify how the web hosting is communicating with its clients. It is really important for you to look for the best hosting service provider who sends emails regularly and newsletter on every periodic basis.

The content of communication would be:
  • The performance of the company
  • Discussion on newly established trends or technology
  • Plans to deploy
Other types of communication that also can be used, such as:
  • Forum discussions
  • Interactive article posting
  • Blogs
  • Social networking
Why communication between host and client is important?

Next, to avoid misunderstanding, especially when it is involving a website that is operating an e-commerce business that requires 24/7 online availability.

For instance, if the provider needs to perform server maintenance, the provider should send an advanced notice to the clients that will be affected due to this maintenance service, rather than simply perform the maintenance service without the clients’ acknowledgment. 

After all, it might negatively impact the clients’ website reputation due to sudden downtime without proper notice to the website’s customer.


Fourthly, the features of the best hosting service provider are the one who attracts the clients in implementing the web hosting to their website.

The among of attraction features for a web host:
  • The technology support
  • Application Pool memory limits 
  • Auto-responders
  • Control Panel
  • Bandwidth options
  • Web statistics

Not only that, the list is one of the ways in evaluating the web host in identifying their features. 

As mentioned before, cheap price does not mean good value. 

Above all, don’t simply look for a cheap web hosting with the most features, but try to look for the web hosting that provides the most feature that fits with your requirement and it is within your budget.

Types of Hosting

Fifthly, in today’s web hosting, there are several types of web hosting, such as:

  • Low-cost or budget hosting
  • Medium-level hosting
  • Cloud hosting or cloud computing
Low-cost or budget hosting
  • It is also known as shared hosting
  • They offer a low-cost plan with a decent amount of features
  • The cheapest web hosting compared to others
  • Can cover a broad range of technologies
  • Good for the starter or even personal website
Medium-level hosting
Cloud computing
  • Also known as cloud hosting
  • The prices depend on the type of resources
  • Suitable for websites that have a lot of data


Next, security is one of the most important things for every website that holds a lot of confidential information such as the e-commerce website. 

Furthermore, here are some questions that you can ask your hosting service provider in knowing whether it meets with the security needs or not. 

  • Does the host deploy any security patched with the latest security packs?
  • Does your site require the PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance?
  • How do you handle the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on your server?

How your host answers can help you to determine the level of safety and secureness of your website.

After all, your website might not be required all of the items that are listed, but it will be good to know if your host could meet with these requirements.

Host Size

Next, in every web hosting, having bigger hosting does not mean that it is better. 

For example, 

Low-cost or budgeting hosting has a really high tendency of signing up more clients compared to if they are losing clients. In contrast to a larger host that simply target higher-end service towards a longer-term relationship with the clients. 

How to evaluate the size of the host?
  • Number of domains
  • Customers 
  • Turnover rate
  • Data center size

Length of Time in Business

Next, one of the best indicators to know the credibility of the web hosting companies is through how long the company had been in the business.

In other words, the longer the length of time in business, it would be better. Not only that, it is a sign that they know the exact way to compete with other companies as it is the strong reason why they could maintain in the industry of web hosting for so long. 

Above all, it is a sign that the company has a solid credibility and a trustworthy company.


Next, it is very exciting to have websites with a high number of traffics. However, you should also consider your website limits in avoiding the overage charges. 

Among the limits that you should consider in your hosting service provider:
  • Bandwidth or data transfer
  • Disk space
  • Application pool or memory limit
Bandwidth or data transfer

The amount of bandwidth to your website depends on the type of content on your website. Streaming videos and music can easily use up your bandwidth compared to static pages or database-driven sites that do not use bandwidth that much.

Disk space

The space on the disk depends on the number of stored files or database-driven on the website. If your website is experiencing the growth of the content, it is really important to know if your website could support it and it can meet with your needs.

Application pool or memory limit

Besides, is really important to know the limit of your application pool or memory on your website. Not only that, if you exceed the limits, the host could restrict the availability or perform recycles which will give a huge impact on the performance of your website. 

In conclusion, finding a host that can provide unlimited bandwidth, disk space and resources can help you in controlling the unexpected cost and maintain the responsiveness of your website.


Last but not least, the location of your server is one of the most important elements of a successful website. After all, it is the main key to ensure the performance and the stability of your website. 

Not only that, the further the distance of the server, the longer the data travel will take to reach its destination. 

For example, if your web host is located in the USA and your website based in Malaysia, it means that the data literally need to travel across Asia before it reaches your website and your targeted visitors. 

Above all, it is highly recommended to find the top web hosting companies in Malaysia, so it will be closer to you and your targeted visitors.


Lastly, there are a lot of variations when it comes to web hosting. 

Last but not least, by knowing the exact requirements that you are looking for can simply determine the best hosting provider for your business website towards better website development and reputation.

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