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The purpose of BestHosting.my is to provide an abundance of details when it comes to web hosting review sites. As mentioned in the homepage, we have amassed and reviewed over a dozen host providers for Malaysians, and as our focus is information, we have provided a comprehensive list of the best web hosting review sites ranging from Email, Shared, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated and WordPress Hostings.

Moreover, we also provide information on the various packages that come along with each type of web hosting service that you would be looking for in selecting only the top web hosting.

As can be seen that pricing would obviously differ across each hosting service, by that we have researched and dictated the pricing so that you wouldn’t have to tumble around looking at each and every web hosting service site for the pricing.

Important Factors of Web Hosting Service

In providing only top hosting companies, we only focus on three important factors at the service of web hosting:

1. Bandwidth

Regardless of whether you’re a small company or a large business, bandwidth is something to take into consideration at all times, especially if you are one of the top web hosting services companies in Malaysia.

2. Compatibility

While building a site, one has to account for the plugins that are going to be on their site, so if you have certain content that may not gel well with certain web hosting services, you may have to reconsider the service itself or optimize your webpage.

3. Security

Security is not to be taken lightly at any level of web hosting and so we provide information on the different security levels each package would offer as well, so choose wisely.

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